Fennario's  American Beauty

"Friend" of the Devil

Whelped: 4/9/2021


Registration #FEN100-AB-2

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Birth Notes

 A "Friend" Photo Journal

Birth order:  2nd, sac on head first. STRONG

Sable with four white feet, blaze on nose, tip of tail, chest throat and belly. Black mask.



August West x Bonnie Lee

 Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report - he's your buddy, your pal, your confidant. Friend. I LOVE the way this puppy is blossoming into a happy-easy going dog.  He hangs by himself for a good portion of play time, making good use of the few chew things they've been given. He watches things happen intently, keeping a close eye on where the exits are.  His personality eludes to solid 5's all the way down the table.  For my intent of breeding - this is as good as I could hope for.

Eating, pooping and sleeping -  eats carefully, picking up a piece and chewing before swallowing. Minds his own business and will try to find a resolution to being hustled out of his portion instead of throwing a tantrum.  Poops have been wonderful and consistent but for one day when they received more food than usual, between puppy food and nursing.  He sleeps by himself most of the time, likes to tuck his head under things. 

Body and Bone - Weight - 12.5 lbs  We all love his color don't we? He's going to look like Auggie's skin on Bonnie's bones.  I don't think his ears will stand, but they are high up on the head.  He has a nice square shape to him and he may even be leggy and tall.

TEMPERAMENT NOTES/SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 day notes
"Friend" spends alot of his time separate from the other two. I noted that he seems to have a much thicker coat, really dense. Perhaps he feels warmer then the other two. He grunts when he moves, which is quick. He came out swingin' and he can hold his front half fully off the ground for a full few seconds.
For weighing he protested and tried his best to get away, making the weight hard to get.  35 oz. was the final call.  In between box and scale he was turned over, which he accepted with cautious curiosity.  He stayed loose enough, but kept his tail stiffly tucked in.  I could have sworn I caught him smelling me.
Once back in the box he moved quickly to the closest box-side  grunting loudly with each thrust forward  curled up and went to sleep.
So far there isn't a whole lot remarkable about this pup's first three days. 
3 day score: 6

3 week notes

Friend took most of the exercises in stride. He was the only puppy that struck out on his own to investigate his surroundings.  Not willing to leave to yellow blanket I was testing on, but not interested in staying with "me".  He was quite all right with the "dangle"  (referred to as "Elevation Dominance" @ Volhard)  fussing after 20 seconds. He's a heavy feller, I was not able to contain his wiggle once it started so I put him down.  He immediately moved onto the next logical thing - walk forward.  Turned over was OK too. He almost seemed to giggle about it. His little tail wagged occasionally. Tail up and alert most of the time, never tucked that I saw. A piece of white paper was crumpled in front of him then tossed to one side of him. He followed all the action with a wonderous expression on his face.  It was delightful to see it in this little puppy, but my breederbrain knows this expression in an adult face usually needs intervention.

3 week Score 5


The next temperament tests will be performed at 6 weeks.  With a few exceptions, they will follow the charted traits of behavior listed above.   Again I'll stress that the exercises performed at 3 days and 3 weeks are to track the puppy's development, and do not reflect the mature behavior of the dog. We use these scores to formulate a socialization and conditioning program to help our Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs thrive in their new homes.

After the 6 week scores are implemented into daily plan, we start to communicate about where they will be going, and how they will get there.