Fall/winter 2022                            American Beauty                        Wharf Rat group


Colorado Mountain Dog Timbers of Fennario's Bonnie Lee
August West                                             Bonnie Lee

 What we hope to achieve with this litter:            TEMPERAMENT—that’s my primary goal with this litter is to solidify the common factors Auggie and Bonnie share, calm, mellow, intuitive. Tone down some of Auggie’s GSD over-achiever  with Bonnie’s easy going “come-what-may” attitude.  Next, I hope to bring together Auggie’s clean genes with this little lady’s clean genes and we strike out to tackle any recessive health conditions lurking in the background.   Males will weigh between 100-120 lbs. Possibly as tall as 30” - Females will be considerably smaller between 75 and 100 lbs. standing 25-27” at the shoulder.

American Beauty  #1 whelped 4/9/21 litter page has been moved to "PAST LITTERS" -  see notes, pics and temperament test scores for this litter

Majority of these pups will not have black on their muzzles or tails, if they do, it will more than likely be covered by white spotting, causing a stripe or band of white up in between the eyes, with a darker color pattern such as wolf sable, from the top of the head, ears and down to the torso. All will have white feet, most will have a white tip on the tail.   Any yellows or reds in the banding of the fur known as Agouti, Black and Tan or Sable will be “faded” to white/silver .   Many will have rear dew claws if not all.   Most will have pendant ears, some will have kind of half and half up and down ears, and a few will have solidly erect ears.  All will have a crook in their tail.


Whelping is expected in the last months of 2021.  Pups will be temperament tested and socialized as part of our puppy raising standard.  After ten weeks, training/boarding programs will begin. Cost range for puppies is $1,200 to $ 1,800.   


Above - Auggie's dad "Hemi" 

has tones of yellow in him that had the intensity lowered by the activation in the "I" (like eye) locus, fading yellows to platinum and silver in Auggie

Right: Some of our pups will resemble this dog found through EMBARK Labs website.  This dog DNA tests as 100% Great Pyrenese.

Some of our pups will resemble

August West and Stella with lighter silver and white coloring.


Waitlist for this litter is


6. McClure

7. Sigfried

8.   Baxter

9.   open

10. open

See below for: 

Health, DNA and Match Report- Breeder's notes and records -  Puppy Application


COI = 0 %

AVK ancestor loss = 99%

Haplo Diversity = HIGH




This pairing has some exciting possibilities as far as size and temperament. Nothing in either parent's health heritage is so very common as to produce any worry for me.  Auggie's HAPLO group maternally is B1 and Paternally C.

Bonnie's is A1 maternally. Haplogroups are different enough to suggest a high immuno-diversity.

Colorado Mountain Dog Bonnie Lee in the Timbers of Fennario Kennels
Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs in the Timbers of Fennario Evergreen Colorado

American Beauty  #1 whelped 4/9/21 litter page has been moved to "PAST LITTERS" -  see notes, pics and temperament test scores for this litter