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Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN400-AS-4        Female

CMDR Registration # - CNK 

D.O.B -  1/31/22

Birth Notes: 4th born, sac off, breech


Sire: SWF Moses               Dam: FLF Apple - "Althea" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

6 week notes plus Score card

Feedback can be loud and worrisome if she doesn't get her way right off the bat.  Assertive and holds her ground at the milk bar. Quiet otherwise, decent for handling, will fight hard to right herself if turned over.   Always under the others in the puppy pile 

score 5-6                                                 color: purple    Weight 23 oz.

During most of the tests she wandered about, not really interested in what I was doing. She treated everything that was not bigger than her as a plaything, exploring it thoroughly with her mouth and even her feet a little.  One of the first ones to investigate the real food dish, one of the last ones to fall asleep at bedtime.  She's a GORGEOUS puppy, nice n square with a balanced top line.  Her tail is going to be like her moms athletic expressive appendage.

Score 5-6                                                                                                              weight:  11 lbs

ENS notes:  all five days of ENS excecises completed with perfectly average and normal responses. Feet were a mild exception, she drew back her front feet upon stimulation every time.

Feedback is sure she knows what needs to be done and where and with whom. Not exactly the fun police yet, but she tries to manage the litter like a flock.  She IS vocal, we can hear her barking at deer and after another puppy who has a coveted toy, are two very distinct barks.   Not likely to follow someone she is unsure of, very likely to follow you if you show her you are in charge.  She will attempt to control situations but is uncomfortable with it, much preferring the instructions for her minute to minute be clear.    Uncertainty on your part will make her uncertain.   Will tolerate restraint, after a short effort to relieve herself of it.    She likes her food - but is not greedy about it.  She eats slowly and methodically.  Her coping mechanisms freeze her up instantly, followed by flight,  fight being her last go-to.   She will need confidence building experiences and consistent training to be at her best.

Score 5-6                                                                                                                              weight 15 lbs.

A "Feedback"
Photo Journal

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