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Cryptical Envelopment

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN400-AS-7     Female

CMDR Registration # - CNK 

D.O.B -  1/31/22

Birth Notes: 7th born, sac off, breech


Sire: SWF Moses               Dam: FLF Apple - "Althea" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

 Evie is a gentle and quiet girl, without much to say and doesn't push her luck.   I have been making a hole for her at the milk bar, if I see she can't find a spot right away.  The smallest of all the pups she will whip herself right side up pretty quick if she finds herself upside down.  Her color is changing, gaining a rich cream undertone

score 7-8          Collar color - light green                      weight 22 oz.

The time between the three day observations and three week tests is tough for a neo natal puppy. Their immune systems are inactive, depending on mom's milk to provide their immunity. Eyes and ears will open and they will become mobile.  Three week notes will include reactions to ENS exercises.

6 week notes plus Score card

By six weeks old our puppies have moved to an indoor/outdoor enclosure and have had introductions to the big wide world. The notes we give here will include the baseline temperament scores we  use to match this pup with it's furever home.

An "Evie"
Photo Journal

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