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Upcoming Litter -  Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs

Whelping due                                          Litter name:                                                                        Breed:                           
 February 2023                              Bear's Choice                    % Content: Anatolian Shep, Pyrenees, Collie, Maremma Sheepdog


What we expect to achieve with this litter:

This pairing was well thought out and ENTIRELY based on temperament...past present and future.

Both dogs have a low bark tendency, a strong desire to stay close to home, and are accepting often friendly to strangers on the property. A calm demeanor, happy but careful.  


Each parent is extremely compliant, truly concerned about what we think of them.  Otto has more of the stoic confidence needed for an LGD than Delilah does. She is still a little goofy but has all the ear marks of her LGD peers; sits with her back to the livestock. Seeks the highest point. Catches birds of prey in her eye line and follows them through the sky with her eyes.  

Health concerns are nil. Literally nothing to watch out for. Both parents have strong constitutions and have never given me a moment's worry about their health.   Nice small tight ears sit on a well balanced skull. Delilah has a slight almost imperceptible out turn of her front feet.   Otto is as straight as an arrow with an enviable back end.   

Otto's haplo's are E(group) and H8.1(type) - Delilah's are A1e9group) and A25(type). This gives us a very diverse blend of foundation genetics to work with.   Paired with InShAllah'sxMithril or Auggie, these pups will give us a heavy line to bring down on the King Boaz side.  

Color will be not white as far as I can figure. Delilah is e/e, and Otto is Em/E (black mask and solid colored) Otto's genetics are dominant to both of Delilah's "E" locus, so they will probably be varying degrees of black with white markings.  If we're lucky? We may catch some of the blue that made Mithril's color.   

Puppies will be observed and evaluations made a bit later than I usually would, perhaps until 12 weeks old before I assign them to their best matches. Reservations will be made for only 4 families/farms.


Reservations are OPEN

 for this litter

1.  Fennario Pick

2. Fennario Pick (co-owned)

3. McCurdy

4. Gheen

5. Allie & Josh & family


This match is scheduled for July 2022, whelp due early fall 2022.

Learn more about

Buying a puppy from us

Cost range is between

$1,500 and $2,000

Puppies due 2/23, ready to go home after    4/23

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