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Whelping due                                          Litter name:                                                                        Breed:                           
 September 2022                              Bear's Choice                    % Content: Anatolian Shep, Pyrenees, Collie, Maremma Sheepdog


What we expect to achieve with this litter:

This pairing was well thought out and ENTIRELY based on temperament...past present and future. We are going to get some interesting colors, I dare not get too excited but Silver Sables are a possibility. We might also get some Tuxedo Blues, but thats for a later discussion. For NOW, lets talk about the even keeled pups that will result from these two. Althea is (as stated before lots of times) a very happy-go-lucky girl. Too happy at times, and a little on the derpy side.  Otto is intelligent and intellectual. Stoic in the afternoon.  Both dogs have a desire to do the right thing. This is NOT eager to please, as sometimes people's wishes do not falll into the equation. Its more of a lessons learned type thing. So we have to be careful, once learned...never forgotten.

Size is also a factor. Otto is large and solid boned, He doesn't lumber, is sure-footed and elegant in his movements. Althea reminds me of a flapper - she is small and loosley boned. The charleston is her favorite dance.  I'm looking to acheive a smaller version of Otto, loosing Althea's slinky body language and keeping Otto's sure and steady stance.  

Otto is haplo group E and haplotype H8.1.  Althea is Haplogroup A1e and Haplotype A25. This makes for a very genetically diverse mix - appropriate for continuing on the lines I am working with. Althea carries one copy of CMR, Otto carries nothing, so we will leave the eye condition behind in our careful selection moving forward.  Althea has some artful dewclaws (triple in one pad!!) Otto has single normal dewclaws both rear feet, We'll be looking for single or no dewclaws to carry forward.

Most of these pups will make excellent family pets for active interative households. They will be appropriate for consideration for livestock guardians of larger livestock. Poultry and other small animals may take time and training; perhaps consider these for drafting and dog sports of a concentrated nature (tracking and utility work). 

Otto is a low shed, somewhat difficult coat to manage. He mats easily and his shed is slow to fall out, needing brushing to help it come out. Althea has a carefree coat type, throws off dirt by sundown and doesn't need much brushing. We will get both types in different pups, some may have both types on one body - white spotting from Althea, darker colored spots from Otto.

The blend of these lines will give us a platform with ample room-to-move into In'Sh'allah and Mithril. There will be a shared COI with that pairing but Koda (Auggie x Bonnie) and Anthem will diversify plenty for us to move forward.


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1.  Fennario Pick

2. Fennario Pick (co-owned)

3. McCurdy




This match is scheduled for July 2022, whelp due early fall 2022.

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Puppies due 9/15/22, ready to go home after    10/30/22

GO TO HEAVEN litter notes (Direwolf x Althea)

May 8th 2022 - Althea should be coming into season in July. Travel arrangements need to be made for the honeymoon. Stay Tuned!!