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"Roll(ie)" away the dew

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN700-BFA2  female

CMDR Registration # - TOF 

Ivory white

D.O.B -  12/26/22

Birth Notes: 3rd born,  sac on, head first, 

blue hue, (skin) slate nose, ears, paws

mithjuly22stride - Copy_edited_edited.jpg

Sire: W2E Mithril              Dam: UUU ELEVATION 

$1500 - until May 31st only.  Training will be placed and proofed on Rollie as of June 1st 2023.
$2000 Leash trained, crate trained. Socialized, bonding open to livestock and people.  
$3000 trained with chickens to poultry-safe.  OR CGC (all levels) and Therapy Dog registration - ready Dec 2023
Rollie is appropriate for mobility, medical detection/alert/response. Psychiatric and PTSD service possible depending on tasks needed. Please contact us to discuss her reservation and training.
I retained Rollie from the Blues for Allah 2 litter - She is the best of both parents - affectionate, calm, observant, clownish at times, stoic like her dad other time - she always has the right attitude for the situation.  Beautifully built, she is going to be a solid large dog with none of the excessive size of her Pyr ancestry.  Her coat will be dense and her flashy tail will make anyone smile.

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

6 week notes 

Healthy, vibrant and active. Eats well with little mewls and hums.  Sleeps easy, doesn't stir much.   Takes to handling "OK", but would rather be left in the nest. gets lost in the corners sometimes.

 score 5-6                         collar color: yellow                               weight 21 oz.

Hardy pup with an intelligent face. Eyes opened at 10 days and it was like they POPPED open, ready to soak up all of her world.  Will be long coated, but I not as thick as Mithril's.   

Score 7-8         dewclaws both rear legs         weight    78.5 oz

Fun little puppy with her wits about her she observes then does.  When the pups were  3 weeks old In'Sh'Allah had the beginnings of Mastitis. Rollie is the one I chose to hel[p me drain the teat that was swelling.  She always latched on with intent, comfortable to remain there and help out. All you can eat milk bar suits her fine.  At 6 weeks she weaned well with no stomach issues. Solid poops all the way. I really like this pups temperament. She is the first to come and say HI to me in the morning while the others are rolling around she'd prefer to keep me company. I hope to keep her around for a while for the prospect of Service or Therapy Dog.

Score   7-8     dewclaws both rear legs         weight  17 lbs.

12 week notes:   Maybe this one's a keeper for me. Maybe not, either way I am going to be very selective with her as she has a phenominal temperament and I want it to be used to its fullest potential.  She's a nice size; bigger than In'Sh'Allah and smaller than Mithril's build.  Still my little friend Rollie, and still the first one to greet me calmly with smiles and wags in the morning.

A "Rollie"
Photo Journal

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