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Colorado Mountain Dog puppy "Four Winds"

Four Winds - "Windy"

Rocky Mountain Companion Dog

Reg # FEN500-BFA-6      Female

D.O.B -  7/20/22

Birth Notes: 6th  born, sac on, head first. Pink nose at birth white with grey ears


Sire: August West                        Dam: InShAllah

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

Chill chill puppy. Slate blue (skin) nose, inside ears, paws and vulva. White coat.  Relaxed easily when turned over, small grunts during the rest of the tests, turned right into mom when placed back in the nest. Generally quiet, doesn't startle when touched.  Nice puppy, good size, BEAUTIFUL head.

score 7-8                  collar color: white               weight 38 oz

"Windy" is a cakewalk puppy. Normal in every aspect, she's attentive but easily amused and distracted.  Pups like this are generally easy to obedience train.  Takes her time with eating. So far none of these pups show resource guarding, Windy being a prime example. She'll move to let others into the chow line. Tall, probably not very heavy, she has a medium length coat that will challenge any vacuum. 

Score   7-8       dewclaws both rear legs         weight    88 oz.

ENS days 5 through 11. Normal and unremarkable in every way - which is GOOD!  Slight improvements, but she had solid stress handling skills already.  

6 week notes plus Score card

A "Four Winds"
Photo Journal

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