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 July 29 2022                            Without a Net                           Colorado Mountain Dogs


What we expect to achieve with this litter:


The Mithril x Bonnie pairing should give us identical structure and coloring as we were expecting with Pearl and Auggie.  Rear angulation will need to be improved in future generations, otherwise both parents are structurally perfect.  Any faults in Bonnie’s “window dressing” will be countered by Mithril.  My biggest concern being the inner eyelid that is prominent in Bonnie’s eyes.  Her line carries two front teeth in the bottom that are out of line with the rest.  These are tiny imperfections, but that’s a breeder’s responsibility is keep improving their stock.  Tiny imperfections is what I’ve got.  These pups will be a nice size.  80 lbs for females and males could top 100 lbs at full maturity.  Some will be Mithril’s color with no black masks, some may be Tuxedo black like Uncle Otto, and some may have white spotting and badger facial markings.  Any red in the coat at birth will fade to tan/white, and blacks in the coat may fade to silver/blue. All patterning will be clear sable.

The temperament is also exactly what we were hoping for with Auggie x Pearl.  Mellow, intuitive and I don’t have to worry about selecting on the basis of non-vocal over all else because neither Mithril nor Bonnie have an inappropriate barking trigger. They “do” bark at appropriate-to-me threats (loose dogs that wander too close to our property, birds of prey flying too low ect. They bark at people that come close to their enclosure, and cars that pull into the driveway).  I completely expect their offspring to follow the same vocal tendencies.

Both parents are a lovely blend of affectionate and aloof. Bonnie has shown the ability to gauge a person’s interest in her and follow their lead with her interactions. If they want to cuddle, she is a squishy ishy big white fuzzy teddy bear.  If they want to pat her head and be done, she’s OK with that too. Mithril hasn’t been here very long, but he’s just like Otto, using his whole body to interact with you. Respectful and polite, keen observers of all things human.  Bonnie can be intense, focusing on the task at hand and pondering the next right move. Mithril doesn’t take himself that seriously and lives in the moment.  Our litter will have the range of both these temperaments, most being in the higher temperament ranges of 7-8.  Which is…better than what we were expecting with Auggie and Pearl.


Reservations are CLOSED 

 for this litter

1.  Fennario Pick

2. Baxter

3. Leonard/Craig

4. Zelenka

5. Ramsay?

6. McClure

This litter is being brought about to replace the "Skull N Roses" litter in both our breeding program and for our reservation holders. Check back often as reservations and positions may change 


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$1,500 and $2,000

Puppies due 7/30/22, ready to go home after    10/1/22

WITHOUT A NET (Mithril x Bonnie Litter notes:

May 5th 2022 - Breeding between Mithril and Bonnie was quick and uneventful. She accepted him right away, total of three ties were acheived and pups are due July 30th, 2022 if we count 63 days from the first tie.