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Rocky Mountain Companion Dog Timbers of Fennario Kennels Evergreen Colorado

Fennario's  American Beauty

Operator's Midnight Flyer
call name "FLY" - Cause he's pretty FLY for a white guy. hahahahahahahaaa!

Whelped: 4/9/2021


Registration #FEN100-AB-3

Birth Notes

Birth order: 3rd. 

Breech, spine up, sac on.  

Solid white with grey ears. *Shimmery

Pink nose at birth, pink pads - 27 oz's.

August West x Bonnie Lee

 A "Fly" Photo Journal

 Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report -  This dog is going to be  A clown and up for anything that is a good time.  Independent, full of his bad-self, he will require practical jokes and silliness.  May even pull a few of his own. Smart, and clever, he will be a snap to train if you motivate him well.   Watch this guy with boundaries-fences and gates. He was the first one out of the whelping box and will push his luck with what is on the other side.  Socialization and conditioning will focus strongly on staying close to home.

Eating, pooping and sleeping - likes his food, eats with concentration. I noted that when nursing, if he happens to drop the nipple he acts frantic to get back on; the other two slipslide around casually until they find it. Poopies can range from solid to thick pudding. He may have a sensitive stomach, so we will make sure to load him up with lots of gut flora. Optagest, as always, is my go to for that.  They will be wormed this weekend - sometimes that is the issue, but everyone in the household was wormed when they bred. we'll see.  He is easily disturbed, seems to be light sensitive. Circadian rhythms  will mean much to this chunky monkey boy.

Body and Bone - Weight 13.2 - He will have a shorter coat, with a mane and poofy tail. He may be the tallest of the three, with a refined jowl and muzzle.  May top out at 100 lbs, but he will be taller than heavy. Athletic build.  Ears will sit high on the head but will not stand. 

TEMPERAMENT NOTES/SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 day notes
Biggest puppy of all three this guy is the most mellow.  He eats well, staying close to mom after he's had his fill.  Since there are only three pups, there is plenty for all, and no one has to jockey for position.  It would be hard a challenge for the other two if they had to...36 oz's!!  he's a really big puppy. 
For weighing he turned in tight little circles grunting and trying to resolve the issue of this sudden chilly surface under him. On the trip from the whelping box to the scale, we turned him over to see what he'd do; vulnerable in our hands.  He kept his feet tucked in and let his tail drop.  Tense for two breaths then relaxed into the shape of me holding him.  After the ordeal was over and he placed back into his whelping box, he scooted up to the nearest littermate sighed and fell asleep.  
3 day score: 8

Flyer.  Indeed.  This little pup has burst through the membrane of life and is wanting to police the entire proceeds.  He has blossomed quickly, and his temperament reflects it.

The exercises were performed right around his most active time of day 2-3 pm.  (I bet ya this pup will have the ZOOMIES this time of day in adulthood).   For sensitivity exercises, he responded with suspicion and worked out on his own that he was gonna be OK.  He disliked the "Dangle" and fought the turn over with vocal protests one could only assume were cuss-words.  A life-experience we had yesterday will be included in these notes as they speak to careful management in the future.  We introduced milk replacer in saucers. Flyer spent his time running around the edges of the whelping box barking at it.   In little puppy language this is a toddering about,  cute little yip. But translate those into adult movements and you have the dog that wants to be dramatic about new things. We need to keep an eye on that, socializing and conditioning young Master Flyer to keep his composer.

3 week score 4

The next temperament tests will be performed at 6 weeks.  With a few exceptions, they will follow the charted traits of behavior listed above.   Again I'll stress that the exercises performed at 3 days and 3 weeks are to track the puppy's development, and do not reflect the mature behavior of the dog. We use these scores to formulate a socialization and conditioning program to help our Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs thrive in their new homes.

After the 6 week scores are implemented into daily plan, we start to communicate about where they will be going, and how they will get there.

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