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That's it for The Other One

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN400-AS-5       Female

CMDR Registration # - CNK 

D.O.B -  1/31/22

Birth Notes: 5th born, sac off, head first


Sire: SWF Moses               Dam: FLF Apple - "Althea" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

She had a real voice her first few hours, but has quieted down in the last day or so and I don't see much of her.  During feeding time she can usually be found upside down under her littermates at the milk bar. Smaller by way of more feminine than the others.   Petite build and a lovely small muzzle.   Tail proportions seems to suggest she will have Althea's athletic tail.

score 5-6              collar color: pink                                weight 20 oz.

Titoo didn't care much for the temperament tests as they were too bright and wide open. She backed up to try and escape at first. She would retain no eye contact. Consoled easily, a cuddle and coo she was willing to allow a turn over without panicking. For the dangle she clung tightly to my wrist with both front feet, freezing in place otherwise.  Petting was her favorite part, leaning close into me.  Feminine in every way, she has lightened in color considerably since birth, including her muzzle and ears.

Score 3-4                       dew claws both rear  legs              weight 7.5 lbs

ENS worked well for TiToo that she learned how to cope, took some time to develop though. Reactions were stagnant , so stressors were never elevated.

6 week notes plus Score card

Full of herself and confident, an independent thinker. We've been putting effort into quietly getting her used to not being first.   She gives "side eye" when scolded - skulking off grumbling about life not being fair.   Weaned at 4 weeks, she still persistently prods mom for milk.  When she finds none, she will bug mom to see whats in her mouth and ears.  Very expressive face, you know what she's thinking right away. A bit of a digger, she takes pleasure in seeing the dirt move around.  Her once dark face is lightening to a slate grey, refined muzzle ears set high on her head.  She has a little bounce to her step, light and agile.

Score 3-4                                                                                            weight 14 lbs                                                                     

A "TiToo"
Photo Journal

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