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Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN400-AS-2

CMDR Registration # - CNK 

D.O.B -  1/31/22


Sire: SWF Moses               Dam: FLF Apple - "Althea" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

Doesn't mind most handling , will "wait and see" what happens. Values meal time, likes to lay on top of her littermates. Don't hear much from Allie 'cept little satisfied grunts when she eats.  Sturdy pup good proportions. 

Collar Color: black           score 7-8                             weight 22 oz.

Alli had a good time with her tests, wagging the whole time. She took right off as soon as I put her into the test area. Perfectly quiet the whole time, with the exception of when I dropped the object near her, she whined some after she turned and ran.She accepted being turned over, even made soft blinky eyes at me when I gained eye contact. Pulled her foot back and struggled nominally for nail trim. Followed me perfectly, came into the folds of my cuddle with enthusiasm.  

score: 7-8                      single  dew claws, each leg        weight 4.8 lbs

6 week notes plus Score card

A sensitive soul, she has a deep intelligence that directs her to get what she needs on her own.  Likes people, she will ham it up to get your attention.   She'll follow you with her eyes, but prefers to stay put until she sees where it is you will be going.  Struggles with restraint.  On the edge of the fray, she doesn't demand attention. Her "feels" are internal, but is willing to share if you are willing to be quiet and listen. Doesn't like to be picked up, but likes to be brushed, prefers face affection. Runs from strange noises, then turn to see what it was. EVERYTHING catches her eye. She watches it.   Quiet, guarded with her noises.  Talented digger.  Quietly tears things up if she doesn't have to share it, if other pups have something she will not engage in the destruction. Watches others do it. Intuitively  knows what objects are for  dogs and what is for people.  Engages in affection face first.  Needs to know where your hands are at all times.  Potty habits are a mystery to me, I can't recall seeing her eliminate - anywhere.  Hardly no individual prey drive - will chase something if others are.  Flight is first, freeze 2nd, fight is last. 

score: 7-8                                                                  weight: 18 lbs.

An "Alli"
Photo Journal

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