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Rings a "Bell"

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN700-BFA2- Female

CMDR Registration # - CNK 


D.O.B -  12/26/22

Birth Notes: 10th born, sac on, white black nose

mithjuly22stride - Copy_edited_edited.jpg

Sire: W2E Mithril              Dam: UUU ELEVATION 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

6 week notes plus Score card

Quiet when resting, nursing loud when separated from her littermates. Smaller frame, CUTE little face like her mom.   

 score 5-6                         collar color: yellow                            weight 17 oz.

The easiest of all pups during ENS. No complaints from her unless mom stays away. When InShAllah was having issues with beginning mastitis, this was the puppy I chose for helping her empty the infected teat.  

Score 7-8         dewclaws both rear legs         weight    61.5 oz

Score   5-6      dewclaws both rear legs         weight 

A Rings a "Bell"
Photo Journal

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