Fennario's  Europe '72

Truckin off to Buffalo - Braid
Birth Notes

CNK Oberyn x Bonnie Lee

Whelped: 9/28/21


Registration #FEN300-E72-3

Truckin Off to Buffalo
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Colorado Mountain Dogs
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Colorado Mountain Dog Puppy
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Birth order: 3rd

Birth weight: 21 oz

White, grey ears


 A Trucker Photo Journal


Final notes:  

Body and bone -

Eating pooping sleeping.- 

Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report -

Body and bone - 

Eating pooping sleeping -

TEMPERAMENT TEST SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 Day notes
 Trucker was amused and entertained by most of his ENS exercises.  Especially the Q-tip in the toes. You could just about hear him giggle.  He grunted and mewed a bit, but kept his thoughts to himself for the most part.
Not fond of being turned upside down, he wiggled  to see if that would help the situation.  When placed on the towel he turned clockwise perhaps too much. Couldn't the hang of moving in a straight line enough to get off the towel. I ended up taking him off.  His instincts told him this was not a good place to be? But took a bit to kick in what to do about it.  Mellow is as Mellow does.
Physically he's rounding off nicely, weighing in at 24.5 oz.'s. a close 2nd to the largest (Rose! - 29 oz.)
I like his little face alot. Well proportioned and nice symmetry.   Pigment is dark, ears are black rimmed.

3 day score:  7
3 week notes
Trucker has a nice easy nature with a dash of suspicion that will be useful to him if fostered correctly.  He is bold pup, going head first into situations with no thought on X-large dog what may lay ahead.  He stayed close during the temperament tests, preferring anything that had to do with being touched. For the dangle he slowed his breathing and I could feel his heart calm slightly.  He established eye contact during the roll over, seeming to be curious as to why I'd do this rather than disliking it. He never did try to right himself; instead rolling his head back and sniffing the air to either side of him.  He will be an X-large dog, bordering giant.  Perhaps the heaviest pup at this time, a full coat and proud carriage seen in his great great grand dad Caspian.  Look for great things to come from this one
3 week score : 6

6 week temperament test notes


*I have a birth note for this pup. It says I picked him up to clean him, and got such a happy vibe from him I had to write it down.