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Fennario's  Europe '72

Mr. Charlie told me so - Purple
 G4 Colorado Mountain Dog
Birth Notes

CNK Oberyn x Bonnie Lee

Whelped: 9/28/21


Registration #FEN300-E72-1

Birth order: 7th

Birth weight:  22oz

White, grey ears


 A Mr. Charlie Photo Journal


Final notes:

Body and bone - 

Eating pooping sleeping.- 

Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report - Independent and confident,  accepts most handling in stride.

Body and bone - Good size pup with a nice solid stature.   Will have his mom's face, including eyes.  Best angulation of the group, nice straight toes. Single dew claw each rear foot. Moderate crook to the tail. Shorter coated, no wave, Ivory white

Eating pooping sleeping -  Eats well and with purpose.  Prefers to have his own space to eat. Poops have ranged from soft pudding like to little puppy logs.  Sleeps at the edge of the pile, strikes out on his own occasionally to sleep in his own spot. 

TEMPERAMENT TEST SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 Day notes
 We began ENS exercises with a quick weigh in - Mr. Charlie at 26.5 oz's  kept still on the scale, moving only his head, bobbing back and forth in slow searching rhythm.  Everything we did from that point on was A-OK with him. I mean, he'd obviously prefer to not have it happen, but he was OK...until...I pulled his little nail not coming down on the clippers quick enough. Oh. My. Goodness.  It was a complete flip in reaction. He freaked out a little. I felt I couldn't continue with the exercises because he was bridging the gap between OK and Not OK rather quickly. I put him back with his pile and he DOVE under every one, settled into a ball and went to sleep. So his recovery was OK. All seems to be forgiven today (day 5) so we will have to start over with Mr. Charlie today.
Physically he's a nice size. His shoulders are impressive. He's going to be heavy and tall like his dad Oberon.
Pigment is nice, maybe even better than either parent - dark and solid, the roof of his mouth is also a solid charcoal grey.

3 day score:  6-7
3 week notes
Mr. Charlie seems to have a little routine and happily sticks to the same side of the whelping box whenever he can.  Not needing the buddy system, he could sleep by himself or sleep in the pile, which ever.  Likes his food, takng his time with meals.  Our temperament tests went well for him, not doing much other than delaying his nap time.  He allowed the roll over with eye contact for a whole eight count before struggling to right himself. He had no problem with the dangle, almost seemed amused.
Big and weighty, his coat is shorter than the others, taking a tan shade around the shoulder and spine.  He's a quiet puppy that likes people, looking to me for most of the temperament tests as the good place to be.  He has a higher forhead with a pronounced stop more like his pyrenees heritage than the Meramma.

3 week score : 6

6 week temperament test notes


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