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Fennario's  Europe '72

Ramble on Rose tiger stripe  collar 
Birth Notes

CNK Oberyn x Bonnie Lee

Whelped: 9/28/21


Registration #FEN300-E72-8

Birth order: 8th

Birth weight:  23.5oz

OFF White, cream, white blaze from middle of head down to shoulders 


 A "Rose" Photo Journal


Final notes:  

Body and bone -

Eating pooping sleeping.- 

Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report -

Body and bone - 

Eating pooping sleeping -

TEMPERAMENT TEST SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 Day notes
 This pup is different than the rest. She's HUGE. 23.5oz at birth, 29.5 oz 3 days later.  Not a fan of the pile, this pup spends most her time away from the rest, sometimes sleeps with her head in the corner. Quiet as a mouse. Grunts while she's eating, sometimes hums to herself, groans and stretches. Thats all the vocal I hear from her. ENS exercises were great. A little grunting and being put upside down caused her to stiffen, but otherwise accepting of most of what happened to her. She was a little slow with the cold towel. Turned in (what I considered) too many tight circles before figuring out she could get off of it.
Physically, like I said, she's huge.  A balanced body frame, longer legs. Her color is very different than the rest. She was born a shade off white - shimmery. She's settled into a sort of platinum color, with charcoal solid pigment on her nose and lips. 

3 day score:  8
3 week notes
3 week score : 

6 week temperament test notes


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