Sire: W2E's King Boaz    x    Dam: YYR's Chayah of W2E

Otto's Temperament Scores

BASELINE - September 2021

 Fennario's The Other One -  "Otto"

Colorado Mountain Dog

CMD REG: W2E021M001G1

DOB: May 11 2021

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Health Record

EMBARK DNA Results (pending)

An "Otto"  photo journal.


We suspect Otto will resemble his littermate  from a previous breeding. (pictured).

? Adult size: 120 lbs and 31" at the withers


Temperament evaluations are begun the second our dogs walk through our door. We begin to record observed behavior as soon as the pups are born.  Through careful observation of the dog's "baseline" reactions and inherent coping mechanisms, we can gain an at-a-glance understanding of the dog's behaviors  before and after our influence. 

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Mobility Service Dogs and Training is founded on good body control skills for the dog.  We will begin Pearl's training with Agility, to teach her precision and self awareness of her body movements.

AgilityPRL521 (2).jpg
AgilityPRL521 (1).jpg

Pearl loves working in any way shape or form, as long as you are not in any hurry. She really loves her home and the confinement we have for her is not challenged.  I really like the way she's turning out, along with some fantastic color possibilities.

Her little "stash" on her muzzle has lightened from coal black to grey with smatterings of light brown. Her undercoat is taking on a black hue, while the top coat remains white.  She is 75 lbs at 6 months.

Eager to cuddle and ever so gentle with her self, she understands when its time to stop and mind her business. We tried her with the 

American Beauty litter when they were 6 weeks old, with positive results. Pearl is slipping right into the role of Nanny-dog, and we sure do appreciate the help.