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Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN800-SYF-7   male

CMDR Registration litter# - TOF

D.O.B -  4/23/23

Birth Notes: 5th born, sac on, head first

Very light cream, pink nose, grey ears


Sire: W2E Mithril              Dam: CNK Bonnie Lee of TOF

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

Came into the world wanting to eat.  Active - springs into action when touched "WHERE'S THE FOOD!" For temp tests he grunted and sniffed the air with purpose.  Turned himself over immediately and tried to nurse on the testing blanket, me, my hands, the carpet...highly food motivated. Light cream, nose is darkening. Will be smaller of the males

Score      5-6                               collar color:     yellow           weight 8.5 oz

Curious, playful, excitable.  Puppy talk (whiny yips) the whole time. Started wagging tail.  Wiggled and whined for the dangle. Followed me around, stayed close. Tried to play. Loose for the turn over. Sustained eye contact, righted himself, then turn to play with me. Backed away for petting, chest and belly rubs were OK. Didn’t like his head petted.  Went to the far side of the nest when replaced, sat and cried.  Kept that up for a few minutes before laying down to sleep. 

Score  5-6                                                                  weight  6 lbs

ENS days 5 through 11

6 week notes plus Score card

Abel was reserved for adoption by his family at 3 weeks, as per my recommendation.  An easy puppy suited for a rural home in a community neighborhood.  Quiet, go-with-the-flow attitude and compliant with most things as long as there is no chaos happening around him. In which case now named "Moose" will withdraw and find a quiet corner.   During temp testing he took his time following me but did so with a happy attitude. Didn't flinch for the dropped object nor the sudden loud noise.  Once he found he could play with the sheet in the test area, I was no longer of any importance to him.   Prey drive was his only low score - a rolled up piece of paper rolled by him became confetti in a matter of seconds.  Long attention span for destructive behavior means he will take any toy you give him and slowly but meticulously take it apart until there is nothing left.  

Exact scores per category can be found in his photo journal below

Score  7-8                                                                 weight  13.8 lbs

An "Abel"
Photo Journal

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