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"Joe Brown"'s Coal Mine

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN800-SYF-2    male

CMDR Registration # - TOF

D.O.B -  4/23/23

Birth Notes: 2nd born, sac on, head first


Sire: W2E Mithril              Dam: CNK Bonnie Lee of TOF

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

Joe was a hefty puppy at birth. even still in his sac, I remarked to myself how heavy and solid he felt.  At birth, he was a rich caramel, with a whitish face.  (See photo journal below).  For most of the temp test he wiggled and struggled to get away. Grunts and protest sounds.

Score      5-6                       collar color:     brown           weight 11 oz

Overall quiet, curious, soaking it all in.  Still and accepting for the dangle, loose and accepting for the turn over. Sustained eye contact.  Stayed right with me following as I moved backwards. Tried to play with my notebook and pen. Wagged a little for petting.  Wary of hands around his head, but not head shy.  Sat quietly for a moment when returned to the nest. Found the opening of the nest and tried t come out. When I pushed him back he cried then fell asleep. 

Score     7-8                                                              weight  

ENS days 5 through 11

6 week notes plus Score card

A confident assured puppy with the weight to back it up.  Always "there", ready to be involved, but not in your face about it.  He and Captian scored the highest on average, with the one category of high prey drive to work on. The whole litter shares well, and Joe Brown can be spotted backing away from the food dishes if it gets too crowded. Heavy, round like his dad, SI expect his coat will stay medium length, and quite thick.  Exact scores per cateory can be found in his hoto journal

Score        7-8                                                           weight   13 lbs

A "Joe Brown"
Photo Journal

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