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Cold Rain and "Snow"

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN800-SYF-6    female

CMDR Registration litter# - TOF

D.O.B -  4/23/23

Birth Notes: 6th born, sac on, breech


Sire: W2E Mithril              Dam: CNK Bonnie Lee of TOF

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

Snow is the only puppy that is solid white, she may retain her pinkish nose. Nicely balanced body, double rear dew claws.  Accepting of the temp tests, struggled with soft grunts, giving up quickly and becoming curious. Took her a little longer to settle in and relax when I put her back in the nest.  Not traumatized, trying to figure out how she got back there.

Score       5-6                        collar color:      lilac          weight 9 oz

Growly, not into it. Stiff and clutched my arm for dangle.  Stiff and kicking back legs for the turn over. Played with me briefly then became iriitable and toddered off being growly.   Relaxed and blinked softly when I picked her up and cuddled her. Went directly to sleep when placed back in the nest score 1-2

Score      1-2                                                             weight  

ENS days 5 through 11

6 week notes plus Score card

Score                                                                   weight  

A "Snow"
Photo Journal

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