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Fennario's Eyes of the World - "Eye -Rah"

Whelped: 8/22/2019


Registration # FEN-MT2001 - 3

Silver sable with Black bordered white feet, Bronze or gold eyes

 An "Eye-Ra"  Photo Journal

american alsatian
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August West x Toodles

Birth Notes

Birth order: 3rd   4:50 a.m.

 head first / sac on 

White feet, white tip on tail

large white swan on chest



Direwolf Dogs of Fennario Temperament Test #3 - 6 to 6.5 weeks                                Collar color: Green

Registration # FEN - MT2001 - 3                                                                                                  Name: EyeRa

1.  Drop an object in the den away from the pups (performed with a large plastic jar filled with paperclips and such. - while puppies were fully alert and playing.)  score 6-7

Moved away from the object but always watching it. Observed other pups investigate it, then lost interest and went to play with a stick by himself.  

2. Using your whole hand, roughly pet the pup from muzzle to tail score 9-10

Moves his head to meet my hand, and pushes up rear when my hand runs down. Tail goes from limp to loose wag. Tried to stand up and "Lean", but lost his balance and flopped over, stayed there

3.Pick up the pup using your whole hand to simulate mother dog's  mouth     score 5-6

4. Turn the pup over on it's back fully supported   score 7-8

Pulled feet and tail up half way, then engaged eye contact and relaxed. Not fully, but enough visible difference

5. Place the pup in a high sided wicker basket. How does this pup act when separated from it's littermates?     score 9-10

Didn't put up much fuss, looked up in our directio inquisitivly.

6. Replace the pup near it's siblings but not with them. How does the pup react?   score 9-10

Plopped down beside my feet and did nothing else. No interest in the littermates.

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario 5 week Report - "Eye-Rah" Green Collar

Eye-Rah marches to the beat of  his own drum. My little social lite has become quite aloof. He watches from a distance, and won't come forward until the coast is clear of clamor and din. He finds most rough housing beneath him. Most of the time he plays by himself, sometimes engaging the other pups with a hip bump on his way by with a toy in his mouth. It is short lived however, because the other pup will want more attention than he is prepared to give.  He likes us people a lot.  We are his port in the puppy storm. When ever an expected noise comes along, he will move either back into the barn or over to us. Which ever is closer.  He is whiny, expressing himself freely and worrying rather than applying that energy to solve his problem. He will need hand holding through most of life's trials and tribulations.  With Eye-Rah's type of sensitivity, it becomes a delicate balance between making him feel safe by answering his cries for help; and catering to his every whim. You will have to pick your battles with him.  He has very little prey drive, but he does have a "PLAY" drive. He adores people interaction and will work hard to engage you in his personal space. He is beginning to desire eye contact - I can feel him searching the upper half of my face for the "zap" that comes when a baby puppy first locks eyes with you. (It's a special feeling only those who have felt it will know what I mean).

Eating, pooping and sleeping - NONE of this litter are bullies or food mongers when it comes to feeding time. They all find a spot a t the dishes and stay there. Eye-Rah iis usually right in the middle as far as his eating habits. He's pretty average with poops too, although he has gone a bit loose in the past three days with a slight switch between foods.  Appetite is healthy, and he eats what ever I put down with care and intention. Some puppies just move their mouth around and see what lands in it.  As mentioned above, he sleeps by himself, but in close proximity to the pile.  Some American Alsatians seem to run hotter than others, I have a feeling that Eye-Rah is one that will enjoy the winter very much.

Body and Bone - He's a nice solid boy that will round out nicely. He has a "halo" of white tipped hairs covering a quickly lightening undercoat.   I'm absolutely uncertain what this will turn into, but my guess is he will be the most wolfy-looking of all this litter (considering the quality of this stock it is saying a lot). He has nice solid feet with a decent splay to the foot meeting the ground. Erect ears carried a bit higher on the head than Auggie, and black outline to the edge. A black diamond is coming through on his belly, and he will carry his tail mostly over his back, but will drop it if turned "off".

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS  - 2.5 to 3 weeks        Collar color: Green


Litter # WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-3                           name: Eye-Rah 

1.  Drop an object into the den, away from the pups. How did this puppy react?   score 5-6

Flinched and looked toward object. Kept still and quiet. Turned without standing and toddered staunchily to the back of the den. Turned, sat and watched his littermates until he fell asleep. He made no noises.

2. Using you whole hand, roughly pet the pup from muzzle to tail.   score 7-8

Aware - soaking up the sensation of my hand moving and studying it. Didn't move from his sitting position,  he "experienced" the petting rather than "engaged" in it.

3. Pick up the pup from its den using your whole hand to simulate mother dogs mouth.  score 5-6

Was tense, when the lift stopped, and he hung in place, he moved his head loosely from side to side.(odd movement?) Curled his back legs up, then relaxed.

4. Turn the pup over on its back securely supported score7-8

Kept legs and tail up, but not scared-stiff, just guarded. Looked directly at my eyes when I spoke, and turned directly to make eye contact with Dave when he spoke. Turned back to make eye contact with me.

5. Place the pup in a high-sided wicker basket by itself.   score7-8

How did this puppy react when separated from its littermates?

Layed down, poked the sides with his nose. Sniffed the bottom, turned clockwise without getting up. 

6. Place the puppy back near its siblings, but not with them.  How does this puppy react?  score 7-8

Grunted quite a bit on the "down". Layed down when placed and looked around. Got up, seeming not be able to decide which way to go.  Made a decision, went that direction found the closest littermate then went to sleep beside her.

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS Birth to 3 days old.         Collar color: Green


Litter #      WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-3         name: Eye ra         



1. How does this pup come into the world?                                                             score 5-6

sac on head first. Small, thin build. Not as active as the first two. Once respitory was cleared, breathing was quiet but labored.


2. Noises this pup makes during the 1st 8 hours of life                                          score 7-8

Small grunts to loud sqeels when eating, longer protesting grunts and squeels when cleaned. When being squeezed or lay on by mom or littermates, will squeal , quits immediately after pressure is relieved, and returns to rest.


3. What is the energy level of this pup?                                                                    score 7-8

Separated from the pile yesterday and crawled completely to the edge of the whelping box, turned around and went straight back. Stopped and rested at the edge of the pile


4. What is the reaction of this pup to the first medical examination?                score 9-10

Didn't do much of anything but try to stay in the position he ended up in. If a 3 day old puppy can be compliant, then this guy was just that. 


5. What is the reaction of this pup when turned over on its back?                     score 9-10

Flopped 3 legs out and sort of tucked the back left one in. His tail cam eup for a sec, then dropped back down.  Kept head still and facing forward



6. What is the reaction of this pup when placed back with it’s mother?            score 7-8

Again not much of anything. I put him down and he bobbed his head for a sec and seemed to me to decide it wasn't worth the effort, and stayed in that spot for a good five minutes. Eventually he turned and went straight to moms leg, draped himself over it and went to sleep

7. What is the reaction of this pup when pressure (petting) is applied ?           score 9-10

Again, not much of anything. No noise, no movement other than to compliment my movements with an equal movement iin response. In other words, if  I touched his left side, he leaned left, if I touched his head he moved his head into it. 

***I will note here that I paid very close attention to the sleep cycle of this pup, wondering if perhaps he was so mellow because he was tired, and I'm confident in saying he was completely alert awake and this is his actual awake response.

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