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Fennario's "Rio" Grand-ee-o

 A Rio  Photo Journal

"Oski" FKA "Rio"
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White collar pup
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Whelped: 8/22/2019

Male   White Collar

Registration # FEN-MT2001 - 5


August West x Toodles

Birth Notes

Birth order: 5th   6:04 a.m.

 head first / sac on 

Pink stripe on nose, dark with sabling, tan on cheeks, white feet, white tip on tail


Direwolf Dogs of Fennario Temperament Test #3 - 6 to 6.5 weeks                                Collar color: White

Registration # FEN - MT2001 - 5                                                                                            Name: Rio

1.  Drop an object in the den away from the pups (performed with a large plastic jar filled with paperclips and such. - while puppies were fully alert and playing.)  score 9-10

Immediately turned to the object with an alerted stance. Watched other pups approach, then came over to smell it, lost intrest and returned to playing with littermates.   

2. Using your whole hand, roughly pet the pup from muzzle to tail score 10

Leaned into the pet, closed eyes, layed down flat after three pets, fell asleep

3.Pick up the pup using your whole hand to simulate mother dog's  mouth     score 5-6

Startled yip as this is a sensation brand new to him, I rarely pick them up, when I do its full body supported. Didn't appreciate this at all, kicked back feet once, tail always stiff and vibrating. Grunted irriated the whole procedure.

4. Turn the pup over on it's back fully supported   score 8-9

Flopped open and established LONG eye contact, watching me intently, always quite loose

5. Place the pup in a high sided wicker basket. How does this pup act when separated from it's littermates?     score 7-8

Whined as soon as his feet hit the bottom. Within seconds he tried to go "up" quite aware of where I was - even though he couldn't see me. 10 sec.'s sat and started to chew the sides exploratively. No other sounds other than the initial whine.

6. Replace the pup near it's siblings but not with them. How does the pup react?   score 5-6

Stood where I put him, mouthed my shoes for a sec, spotted a littermte, went over and played with them.


Direwolf Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report - "Rio" White collar

Home is where the heart is for Rio - as long as you're there, he'll be comfortable where ever. He has a sense of adventure and a curiosity about the world. He pokes and prods the envelope, and one day, will break it.   He is always sticking his nose into the corners and seeing how much give there is. He seems to have a handle on the world's physics already. His depth perception is keen and his gauge of velocity is astounding.  He will be althletic and agile, willing to climb rocky trails and he will LOVE to swim. He's a rough houser with other dogs, but will ease up or back off if the other pup gives signals. He's polite, and shows self control.  Keep a close eye on this guy and containment. He will know the weak spots way before you do.  He will house break easily if you don't shame him. He's sensitive and would hold that against you.  Simply apply rules and a consistent schedule.

Eating, pooping and sleeping -  NONE of this litter are bullies or food mongers. They all go directly to the food dishes, find a spot and stay there. He has a healthy appetite, but is easily distractable. He'll leave the feeding area to go play for a while then come back later. Sometimes the food is gone by the time he comes back, so I have to replenish it, just for him. He has not shown a consistency in poops yet. Ranging from snakysoft loops of piles to miniature adult logs. He returns to the barn area to poop, which is not desirable, so I must move some of his poops out to the yard so he can find a spot outside.  He urinates in no particular pattern that I can see.  He sleeps with Blue most of the time, and they sleep separate in some fasion, from the others. We call them the Bedtime Twins.

Body and Bone - THIS dog is going to attract attention where ever he goes. I predict, that photographs of him are going to have an oddity in such that if taken in profile, he will look like an entirely different dog than portrait or straight on.  His chest and shoulders will have a ghostly hue in the twighlight. His eyes will be a light brown, and his tan "eyebrows" will give him a very serious look. (Which will be far different than his personality - class clown) He will be broad in shoulder and agile in the hind quarters, and carry his tail mostly curled over his back. He will have a full mane, tail and hind quarters, with a longer pronounced dorsal cape. Shedding will be a hassle. Buy a brush or hire a good groomer.

He has a straight square build and smaller square feet that will more closley resemble his dad, erect ears that will fall easily to the side like Toodles, but will only be on top of the head when highly aroused like Auggie.

Predicted adult weight 90-100 lbs.

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS  - 2.5 to 3 weeks        Collar color: White


Litter # WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-5                           name: Rio Grand-ee-o

1.  Drop an object into the den, away from the pups. How did this puppy react?  score 7-8

Looked in that direction, stood up, stayed very very still. Did never approach the object, but watched as others did.

2. Using you whole hand, roughly pet the pup from muzzle to tail. score 5--6

Stood up on all fours. Tense a bit, then relaxed and willing to receive it. Sat down, tried to mouth my hand.

3. Pick up the pup from its den using your whole hand to simulate mother dogs mouth. score 7-8 

Yipped once, I feel more from surprise than anything else. Hung there, legs and tail loose

4. Turn the pup over on its back securely supported  score 9-10

"WEEEEE!!! This is fun!" He almost melted in my hands, legs and tail floppy and off to the side. Turned his head to look in Dave's direction when he spoke, then back to me when I spoke, never moving his body, just his head.

5. Place the pup in a high-sided wicker basket by itself. How did this puppy react when separated from its littermates?  score 9-10

Sat, head down for a few seconds, licked the sides once or twice. Started to turn in a clockwise direction. Stopped, layed down, and did nothing.

6. Place the puppy back near its siblings, but not with them.  How does this puppy react? score 9-10 

Sat for a sec, seaming to get his bearings, took a step or two towards his littermates, then layed down and went to sleep.

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS Birth to 3 days old.         Collar color: White


Litter #      WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-5         name: "Rio" Grand-ee-o       



1. How does this pup come into the world?                                                      score 7-8

Sac on head first. Squirmy, strong, cried right away.  Toodles spent a long time cleaning him, rolling him, knocking away with her nose and looking at him with raised ears when he cried, which were lusty and healthful. Found his mom and his nipple right away.


2. Noises this pup makes during the 1st 8 hours of life                                  score 5-6

Grunts, squeels and growly noises. Irritated whining when he can't get a nipple right off. He's insistent in getting in line for feeding tim, pushy and good at moving others out of the way, all the while making short burst squeely noises.  Hums and grunts contentedly when he eats


3. What is the energy level of this pup?                                                                   score 5-6

I always see him, moves and squirms a lot. crawls over other pups, never tucked under mom, always out in the open where I can see him. Stays on the edge of everybody. 


4. What is the reaction of this pup to the first medical examination?              score 7-8

Turned toward open space and layed there, as soon as I brought my hand in, he kept trying to move into my hand. Wanted to be touched and interact with what was touching him.  Didn't seem bothered by anything, not even joint manipulation.  At the huge risk of engaging in anthropormorphicism=  he seemed to giggle like it tickled and ask  for more. 


5. What is the reaction of this pup when turned over on its back?                  score 9-10

No struggle, even seemed to settle into my hands and got comfortable, let his tail flop out and back feet go limp (ish). No noises. I get the greatest vibe from this guy; everything is fun.


6. What is the reaction of this pup when placed back with it’s mother?           score 9-10

Stayed in the same place for a bit, not like...freezing in fright, but just waiting for what's next.   Got bored with that, turned and went straight to the feeding line, and ate for a long time.



7. What is the reaction of this pup when pressure (petting) is applied ?                    score 9-10

Again, he seemed to enjoy it, reciprocating my pressure, the harder I leaned into him, the harder he leaned into me. nthing about it riled him, even touching around his face he moved his head into my fingers. Happy dog.

Temperament scales, health records - vaccinations/worming
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