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August West x Toodles

Fennario's Weather Report Suite Part 1 - "Porter"

Whelped: 8/22/2019


Registration # FEN-MT2001 - 6

 A "Porter" Photo Journal

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Birth Notes

Birth order: 6th   6:18 a.m.

Dark, tannish cast to coat color, white feet, white tip on tail. Black heel pads, pink toe pads, double dew claws.

large white swan on chest


Direwolf Dogs of Fennario Temperament Test #3 - 6 to 6.5 weeks                                Collar color: Black

Registration # FEN - MT2001 - 6                                                                                           Name: Porter

1.  Drop an object in the den away from the pups (performed with a large plastic jar filled with paperclips and such. - while puppies were fully alert and playing.)  score 9-10

  Almost no reaction, except he stopped playing with his toy, and seemed to be more interested in the other puppies' interest than to see what the thing was

2. Using your whole hand, roughly pet the pup from muzzle to tail score 9-10

Moves his head to meet my hand, and pushes up rear when my hand runs down. Tail goes from limp to loose wag. Tried to stand up and "Lean", but lost his balance and flopped over, stayed there

3.Pick up the pup using your whole hand to simulate mother dog's  mouth     score 5-6

Was obviously not a fan - expression grew worried and limbs, tail stiff. Grunted on the way up, froze at the highest point, almost instantly returned to his floppy self when the feet touched the ground.

4. Turn the pup over on it's back fully supported   score 

Kept front feet tucked on his chest tightly, rear feet open to the sides, tail stiff and vibratey. Tried to turn himself once, gave up and loosened, establishing and keeping eye contact

5. Place the pup in a high sided wicker basket. How does this pup act when separated from it's littermates?     score

6. Replace the pup near it's siblings but not with them. How does the pup react?   score 

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario 5 week report - "Porter"    Black collar

Porter excels at the AA Lean. He has the tact down already at 6 weeks old. He and Sunshine are the closest in resemblance to Toodles in both temperament and structure.  He is voted "Most likely to succeed" in tail wagging, he expresses himself with his tail and rear, keeping his head and chest at a respectful distance. Toodles, although quite emotional, is not exhuberant with her forefront when showing affection. Porter is the same. I LIKE this , as a dog panting in my face asking for affection is not my favorite way to be comfortable.  Porter is the big dog that hops and slops all over the smaller ones at the dog park. So....maybe limited dog park activity to dogs his own size. He won't be quick to the trigger - he will take a lot of harassment from other dogs before he backs them off.  He is low energy, but high willing to please.   As long as you don't ask him to climb any mountains, he'll enjoy outdoor activities with a smile and a wag.

Eating, pooping, sleeping - NONE of this litter are bullies att he food dish or food mongers. He is polite when he eats, and methodical. He doesn't have much to say about special treats, but will glady take a puzzle-treat-toy if you have some. He will housebreak easily, as I can see him being mortified at mistakes.  being   He is however, perhaps of the sensitive stomach variety. He has not yet had a very log-like poop, and has had liquid splashy diarrhea. He is never of poor spirits or otherwise shows signs of anything - he should no longer be in danger of worms as he is on his 2nd worming.  He does not appear dehydrated, so....I dunno.  We'll watch and see as he grows a bit more, and I will discuss with Porters future people any diet change or digestive health program they may choose if necessary.  Porter is always at the bottom or middle of the puppy pile. He sleeps hard and for long periods, often missing the rouse of all the other puppies, and waking to play and eat by himself while everyone else goes to sleep.

Body and Bone - Oh my gosh is he gonna be pretty. He will be long coated, and I can see some of the silver shimmer he will become poking through his downy undercoat. He may need periodic grooming of his rear , belly and mane. I don't think his shedding will be all that bad - certainly not his dad's German Shedder coat. Ears will be erect but heavy, carried lazily on the side of the head unless on high alert.  During the first few weeks, I had though tis "little" guy was going to resemble his dad Auggie, but maybe smaller. He had a slight build, more feminine. Holy cow not now. He has blossomed to match Blue's size and he will have more Broadness to him than his dad.  Predicted adult weight 120-130 lbs. , most of that bone.

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS  - 2.5 to 3 weeks        Collar color: Black


Litter # WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-6                           name: Black   

1.  Drop an object into the den, away from the pups. How did this puppy react? score 5-6

Stood up, at attention. Sat down, stood up again, turned fully around t o face the object. Stood up again, and....seemed to forget about it.

2. Using you whole hand, roughly pet the pup from muzzle to tail.  score 7-8

He LOVED it! Smilled, closed his eyes and met my hand. For ATG petting he lowered his head and shivered.

3. Pick up the pup from its den using your whole hand to simulate mother dogs mouth.  score 5-6

Did not like it one bit. Squirmed, turned his head from side to side.  Then gave up and hung there, grumbling

4. Turn the pup over on its back securely supported  score 7-8

Loose, quiet. Looked around and sniffed. Turned his head fully in Dave's direction when he spoke, turned back in my direction when I spoke. Tail never fully loose, but kept between legs.

5. Place the pup in a high-sided wicker basket by itself.

How did this puppy react when separated from its littermates?    score 5-6

Started turning around immediately, no thinking about it. He was the only puppy that seemed to understand right off the way out was UP. and he looked and tried for up the whole time he was in there. Never relaxed nor gave up.

6. Place the puppy back near its siblings, but not with them.  How does this puppy react?   score 7-8

Layed down and started playing with his leg, spotted another puppy and lunged himself onto that puppy. Played for quite a while then crashed for 5 hours! Woke up and ate a bunch.

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS Birth to 3 days old.         Collar color: Black


Litter #      WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-6                        name:_________________         



1. How does this pup come into the world?                                                                              score   5-6

sac on head first. Small, thin build. Toodles didn't get sac of face for quite a while, took effort for it to breathe. gasped and laid limp for 30 seconds, maybe a minute, Toodles knocked him around, clean and picked him up, squeezed him I presume? Finally cried, did not turn towards mom right away, stayed still for almost an hour before turning to crawl towards mom.


2. Noises this pup makes during the 1st 8 hours of life                                                         score 5-6

Small grunts, humms when eating, longer protesting grunts and squeels when cleaned.  Annoyance, irritated sounds when he is trying to get over moms leg or past/over a littermate.

3. What is the energy level of this pup?                                                                                     score 3-4

High. This little guy is always in motion when he's awake. Eats with his head and legs flailing all over his neighbors belly and face. Climbs up onto the feeding pile and squirms up on mom and rests there. 


4. What is the reaction of this pup to the first medical examination?                          score 7-8

When placed on the scale, this pup threw himself into my hand and tried to push himself back into it. Did not turn towards the side wall like the others. This impressed me. He seemed very "involved" in his test, (forgive my far-reach comparison) almost curious. Non Stayed still when I removed my hand from his vicinity, moved quickly back into it when I replaced my hand.


5. What is the reaction of this pup when turned over on its back?                                 score 5-6

Tried to right himself and squirmed around. Stilled after not long, breathing and heart rate seem normal for as sqiggly as he was at first


6. What is the reaction of this pup when placed back with it’s mother?                         score 5-6

Bobbed and moved around almost seeming to decide if he should guess? or wait for proper directions. Mom moved her leg and he caught the direction from that movement I guess because he scooted right on top of that leg and went to sleep draped over it. He seems to have forgotten the whole ordeal quickly



7. What is the reaction of this pup when pressure (petting) is applied ?                              score 3-4 or 5-6

Seem to enjoy and lean into forward petting. Backward petting caught him by surprise and he tried to hide himself by curling inward and down.  

Temperament scales, health records - vaccinations/worming
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