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Here Comes"Sunshine"

Whelped: 8/22/2019


Registration # FEN-MT2001 - 7

 "Sunshine"'s Photo Journal

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August West x Toodles

Birth Notes

Birth order: 7th       6:50 a.m.

Black body , white toes, pink pads, white tip on tail

Single dew claw each rear foot

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario 5 week report - "Sunshine" Yellow collar


Sunshine is her mother's daughter, and her given name suits her bright sunny disposition. She is interested in people but does not care too much about what we are doing. She enjoys touch and petting, for as long as you'd like.  She does not over do it; she stays steady while being petted and usually would prefer that over play when engaged with us.  She never pushes barriers, can amuse herself for long periods of time. Sometimes this is not the best as EVERYTHING goes in her mouth. Everything. She will need the entire gammut of puppy proofing and puppy toys. With adequate supervision in the house, I'm positive she will pick up quickly what is hers and what is yours.  She stays a respectful distance from moving human feet. Now. Sunshine needed a couple of boot scoots to get the picture.  She is uncomfortable with noises that are unfamiliar. She is one of the first back int othe barn when an unexpected noise arises.  Once she has heard the noise a few times, she relaxes and ignores it. None of them are comfortable with other dogs barking, but she especially will hunker down or run for cover. She's huggable and cuddly - I see many couches in this potatoes future

Eating pooping sleeping: So far so good!  She is back and forth between soft pudding poops and solid loops this past week, I suspect because they are now going outside and as stated above she puts EVERYTHING into her mouth. She has a healthy appetite, and is a noisy prosperous drinker.  She was the first to discover the water bowls can serve as wading pools if you try hard enough.  She sometimes is the first back into the den area for nap and bedtime. She sleeps heavily and as stated above, I see many couches in this potatoes future.

Body and bone  She was born one of the smallest and remained that way until three weeks old, when she began to over take the other girls in size. She is now one of the biggest puppies, matching up with Big boy Blue in size and stature.  She will resemble Toodles more than any of the other pups in the litter, possibly with as much facial hair but not as long. Which means we have a good chance of catching the greying gene in her. Ears will be erect with abundant spriggins, eyes will be the lightest of the litter possibly yellow but more than likely bronze Predicted adult weight 100-110 possible. She has some girth to her.

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS  - 2.5 to 3 weeks        Collar color: Yellow


Litter # WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-1                           name: Sunshine   

1.  Drop an object into the den, away from the pups. How did this puppy react?  score

Flinched, hunkered her head down and made a move in the direction behind her - did a double take on the object, then sat perfectly still, staring at it.

2. Using you whole hand, roughly pet the pup from muzzle to tail.    score 7-8 (I'm assuming but there's no description in our standards for how she acted.)

OMG! Followed my hand with her head, MET my hand with her head, treid to mouth my fingers, suckle on my shirt, flopped on her back and tried to play with me!

3. Pick up the pup from its den using your whole hand to simulate mother dogs mouth.score9-10

Hung loose, tail loose, no reaction really

4. Turn the pup over on its back securely supported


5. Place the pup in a high-sided wicker basket by itself. How did this puppy react when separated from its littermates?


6. Place the puppy back near its siblings, but not with them.  How does this puppy react? 

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS Birth to 3 days old.         Collar color: Yellow


Litter # WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-7                           name: Here comes "Sunshine"       



1. How does this pup come into the world?                              score between 1-2 and 3-4

Sac on rear first. Struggling to breathe, tongue large. Mom doesn't want to help very much, and we were running out of time. I held her upside down for a bit, and helped aspirate her passages. Once she cried Toodles looked at her "weird" (ears up, eye wide, head cocked to the side.  She complained the first hour or so, high pitch long cries.  Nursed hour two of life and hasn't said anything since.


2. Noises this pup makes during the 1st 24 hours of life                                      score     7-8             

Grunts when moving from one sleeping place to the other, which she does comparatively often, always within the pile. Groans and repositions. Sighs when she settles.  Hums while she eats alone, but with littermates beside her she grunts a lot and kicks her legs, flips upside down while latched on the nipple, and gives "effort" grunts.  

3. What is the energy level of this pup?                                             score 5-6                        

High.  Moves often, but with purpose.  Her "Active Sleep" is outrageous! tail wagging, little growly noises, twitching of all limbs and a superior amount of twitching - she has a lot of info in her body to hook up to her brain. 

4. What is the reaction of this pup to the first medical examination?  score 3-4   (with an exception to score - did not appear to me to be traumatized, settled back into her nest and fell asleep in no time.)

squealed as soon as I placed her on the forgein surface, which made mom pop up from the whelping area and come see what was happening .  She flailed when genitals were examined, and seemed to put additional effort into moving away from the examinatio


5. What is the reaction of this pup when turned over on its back?                score 5-6

Stiffened up and drew in. She honest to goodness seemed to be thinking about it, then quickly tried to flip herself over in my hands!  SWhen it didn't work she loosened up and lay quiet in my hand, with a big hard sigh.


6. What is the reaction of this pup when placed back with it’s mother?        score 5-6

She bobbed and turned in moms direction right away, ran across a littermate, and curled up on him and fell asleep.



7. What is the reaction of this pup when petting/pressure is applied     score 7-8

Layed still but not stiff.  Halfway through the test she popped up and started try and find a nipple on my hands or whatever she could find. 

Temperament scales, health records - vaccinations/worming
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