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 A "Delilah" Photo Journal

Final notes:  

Body and bone -  Delilah is a heavy boned girl.  There is little feminine about her, other than her appetite.  (I found the girls ate better than the boys in this litter). At 6 months old she is bigger than her mother Bonnie.  A nice tough outer coat and thick undercoat, she has curl to her outercoat.

Eating pooping sleeping.-   Good appetite - eats dry or dressed kibble with the same gusto.occasional loose stools but tolerates food switches and most treaties, exception being eggs can give her diareha. Sleeps quietly through the night with 2 of her siblings

Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report -

Body and bone -  round, fluffy and solid. Straight legs and back.  

Eating pooping sleeping - good all round. One of the first ones to stir when I wake them in the morning.

TOF Delilah Jones

Delilah Jones- 

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN300-E72-9   female

CMDR Registration # - TOF021F004G4

D.O.B -  7/24/22

Birth Notes - 9th born, sac on, healthy vibrant. very white.  12 oz.

Colorado Mountain Dog

Sire:WFF Oberon of CNK      Dam: CNK Bonnie Lee of TOF

3 Day notes
 Very feminine pup with a feminine build. She may have demur features and a demure reception to being handled. She grunted and stiffened for most handling, but did not seem upset by any of it. Once the big part of handling them was over, I put her in my lap. She turned into my soft fuzzy sweater and took her chances ay trying to nurse on me. Coped with figuring the towel  Recovery was instantanious. When placed back in the pile she fell right to sleep
Physically she is the smallest pup, but catching up quickly. Her ears are lightening vs darkening.

3 day score:  7
3 week notes
Delilah is a gregarious puppy, sure that joy and people are synonimous. She is quite intelligent and will need to use that intelligence to keep it from getting away from her. She is a feminine looking dog, and will probably have her moms features. The tests were done in two groups, two days apart.  Delilah was the last one tested, and perhaps it was because it was fresh in my mind, the pups shared their experience? I dunno. But she seems to know what I was going to do before I did it. The roll over was fine with her as it gave her the opportunity to engage play.  Same with restraint exercises of holding her. She is fond of usinig her mouth on skin. Effort goes into interfering with this habit with a dog like Delilah.  As a side effect she gets hand attention than the others.  A joyful happy little puppy, she has a higher back end.  Her coat will be ideal.
3 week score : 5-6
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