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DireWolf Guardians American Alsatian Dog Training Program is a private non-profit organization. We operate solely on donations and volunteers. If you would like to make a donation click the button below to be taken to our Paypal donation page. Thank you so much in advance for your generous contribution. Every single dollar goes directly to DireWolf Guardians for training and equipment support for recipients. ., 

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$700 is needed for "Prince", Direwolf Guardian in Training.

Baby Boy has come of age. His neutering will not be standard, as he is cryptorchid (has an undescended testicle). Your donation will help Fennario Kennels with his veterinary costs, training and equipment needed for his future Service as a Direwolf Guardian

Left: My how time flies. "Prince" (born

Fennario's "Half-Step" at 5 weeks old

Direwolf Guardians welcomes applicants for their service dog training program and assistance in purchasing an American Alsatian either for owner training or program and task specific training by Direwolf Guardians.

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DireWolf Guardians American Alsatian Dog Training Program began when three American Alsatian dog owners decided that something very important was missing in the Dire Wolf Project. Many families around North America lived happily with their beautiful American Alsatian dogs, but one type of family could never hope to have an American Alsatian dog unless it was specifically trained. Many people with disabilities had no real access to being able to experience the true, loving companionship of this large breed companion dog because they could not train the dog themselves. This gap seemed to widen with each passing year as more and more families with disabilities had to look elsewhere for a dog.

The calm, gentle temperament of the world’s first large dog breed, specifically bred for nothing else but to be a devoted, loving companion, had the intelligence, patience, and awareness that many assistance dog training programs seek to find in other dog breeds used for assistance dog work. Lois Schwarz, the founder of the American Alsatian dog breed, inadvertently produced an entire breed of dog that happened to have a great talent for attending to humans. With the knowledge behind them of training the calm, sensitive American Alsatian dog, these three owners developed a way to bridge the gap between the person with a disability and the trained American Alsatian dog that could fill a specific person’s need. Thus, DireWolf Guardians was born. Still in its initial stages, DireWolf Guardians hopes to one day attain full Assistance Dog International recognition.

--Jennifer Stoekl    - December 11 2017

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