The Dire Wolf (Canis Dirus)

The Dire Wolf was the earth's largest canine living in the Pleistocene Epoch, living and hunting alongside Dire Bears, Wooly Mammoth and Giant Sloths. Thousands of canis dirus [Dire Wolf] fossils have been found and archived by paleontologists throughout North and Central America, including full skeletons. The Dire Wolf disappeared over ten thousand years ago, and science has yet to determine if the Dire Wolf evolved into a different species, or did they truly go extinct?

Nat Geo WILD 

"Pehistoric Predators - The Dire Wolf"

My favorite documentary about the Dire Wolf, it's behavior and environment.  

Downloadable reading material

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Was the Dire Wolf the First Family Dog?

The connection between the domestication of Dogs and the extinction of the Dire Wolf

by Shawna Davies    2017

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