Direwolf Guardians Dog Training - Helping the American Alsatian reach it's fullest potential

Distance Learning Program for Service, Therapy, Assistance Owner-trained American Alsatians


(BossxShenanigan) Oct 06 2017,

BFS3002-1, F-3

Apollo's Lesson Plans

The Basic Five -  Obedience commands for the Direwolf Guardian in training

Look * Sit * Stay * Down * Under/Up

Off Leash Recall - Come when called 

Place - Finding your SPOT in life

Stats Scores and Test Results

Scores - RAWunavailable substitute Breeder Testimonal and Noted Pedigree scores

Temperament Scores - 3mos - 3 yrs.

DWG Certification scores

American Alsatian Titling

Behavioral/Temperament Tests

The Stair Master and Heavy Laydown

"V" Barrier

Eye contact Communication

Required Reading, Forms and Homework

Apollo's Cirricullum

  • Basic Obedience

  • Classical Conditioning for non verbal communication and transference of task targets

  • Operant Conditioning for Alerting and Object Manipulation

  • CGC and DWG PA Cert.

Apollo's Syllabus

  • Basic Five

  • Off Leash recall

  • Place

  • Hold and Carry

  • "FIND--Person & Object"

Testing will be by Video Submission.

Copy of CGC or AA Tittling Tests will be filed with Direwolf Guardians

  • Classical/Operant Conditioning  Task Definition

  • Classical/Operant                 Alert Definition

  • Non verbal communication and task DISTANCE learning

Performance Expectation


  • Review