Breeders Notes

Egyptian Dieties  litter 10/24/2020

for Kluane x Draygo/Naga

9/13/ through 9/17/20 - Travelling from Oregon to Colorado with Kip in the back seat, and Merida in the cargo hatch, my car brokedown in Nevada. She did not urinate for more than 24 hours.  Deficated twice, solid and formed. Light brown.  Appetite was poor, total of 4 cups of Victor grainfree beef in 48 hours. Ate some omelett from the hotel, toast and peanut butter. 9/16, which must have stimulated her appetite. New food on 9/15 she ate total of 4 cups. Urinated inside only, on towels 3x's during the day.  9/16/20 we travelled all day and she took some treats but refused kibble.  Drinking alot of water, but not excessive, took about 1 gallon that day. She's a sloppy drinker.  When we arrived home she urinated in the barn within an hour of settling in. She did not eat that night, but the next morning ate eggs, butter and 4 cups for breakfast.  Nibbled through out the day and finished off 2 more cups during the day. She's quiet and relaxed at night, changing sleep spots occasionally, no signs of stress or anxiety.


Physical exam 9/18/20:  Eyes, ears, legs, sanitary areas and undercarriage are all normal and show no issues.  Rear left leg has a healed scratch area (inside hock) of 2 3/4 inches .  Back lower  and upper molars show staining, no tartar buildup, gums are solid, hard and of normal coloration.  Luxation of all joints normal. Palpitation of uterine area findings are the area is firm, shows roundness normal in all aspects for gestation of 28 days

"Breeder's notes" are an informal day to day recording of the dam, her gestation, whelp and weaning of her litter. 

My focus is on nutrition and appetite, the mental and the physical well being of the adults and puppies.

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Kip has a great Foot Splay - Her toes spread evenly and smoothly as her paw hits the ground, plenty of room for fitting around the contours of the ground. Her nails should wear appropriately and evenly.

Notes for temperament test categories: Kluane's vocal tendencies are reserved for what she deems important. The most I've heard from her is when I've left her confined and walked away.  She has a high pitch, hailing her Malamute roots.  I've seen very little prey drive. She has seen cats, mice, deer, birds, other dogs of varying sizes and color. Of those possible triggers, none have solicited motion from her, but she will watch them.  She "leans" likes touch and seeks eye contact. So far she has not dug any holes or been very destructive at all.

She likes food, will be easily motivated by most odors and textures.  

OBSERVATION - She was slow to eat and even refusing at times to eat from the blue oval dish I had given her.  For a PM feeding, she insisted on eating Merry's food, even dodging us to get at it, while her own dish was overflowing with food. I switched dishes, giving her a square plastic dish previously assigned to Merry, and she gobbled everything up voraciously.   If I were going to guess the problem I would say the dishes' shade of blue that bothers her.  Considering that the American Alsatian temperament has been compared to the quirkiness of the autism spectrum; the blue shade is very bright and electric. Perhaps it over powers the processing of her other senses.

Aloof more to other dogs than she is to people, she ignores most of their curiosity. Auggie peeks in on her every once in a while.


Please note measures are approximate and will get more precise as she learns to stay still for measuring   9/26/20:

Skull: Occiput bone to nose tip = 9"

circumference in front of ears, under jaw = 20"

Foreleg: circumference widest part under elbow = 7"

Torso: Circumference 3rd from last rib = 33"

Length: Hip to mid shoulder = 27" : Tail: 19 1/2"

Height: forefoot to shoulder (wicketed) = 26 1/2"

Weight: 104lbs 7 oz.




9/18/20- American Journey grainfree Beef 4-6 cups plus eggs butter and elk meat/bone


9/20/20 2 lbs gently boiled Elk sinew/ligament and loin meat.

Free feed, kibble avail. all day

9/21-6 C kibble Natures Way canned mixed in a.m. and p.m.

(Turkey and sweet potato

9/22-same comm. dog  food + chicken thigh (raw, cut up)  a.m.

9/18/20 - Solid, formed, light or dark brown

9/20/18 - light brown pudding consistency

9/21/18 - mottled browns, solid with a greasy outer texture.

9/22- cow pie texture and gritty, med brown.

(quite smelly too I have to assume this is the Elk.

9/18/20 - sleeps well, gets comfortable quickly. Sleeps alot - 70 percent of the time approx. "Dreams", active kicking and vocal

9/22/20 First night alone in the kennel. Howled approx. 1 hr. after leaving her. Corrected vocally. She stopped and was quiet the remainder of the night. Tore up some cardboard that was placed as bait for such shennigans.




9/24 through 10/2/20-VICTOR Grain free puppy Kibble available for free feed all day long (approx. 5-6 cups per day- bowl removed at night. 7 am and 6 pm meat-chicken, eggs or variety of canned dog food

10/2 through 10/8 -  same kibble, calve's liver she didn't like raw. Had to cook it. 3 TBSP salmon oil/ split AM & PM.  Noted that Kluane swallows most things whole. Please be aware that she has a habit of swallowing things to hide them too. As you approach her, if she has something she wants to keep all to herself she will work very hard to get it down her throat before you can get it.  Nothing grave has happened yet, but it could be an issue.

9/24/ through 10/2/20 -  Solid formed - raw chicken seems to be processed wonderfully. Small whiteish poops, very dry.

10/2 through 10/8 - ploppish, dark and smelly. Perhaps salmon oil isn't for her.   Red plastic tiny pieces on 10/6 - no idea? what it was.

9/24/ through 10/2/20 - Adjusted very well to consistent schedule. Still urinates in her kennel at night. Quiet, does not complain, waits to be let out in the morning patiently.

10/2 through 10/8 - She has definately settled into the routine and is in her doghouse most of the night. Installed new camera for monitoring, she looks at it often through the night, and thats a little spooky.

Physical exam 10/8/20 - Ears, eyes, nose, mouth, groin and sanitary areas normal and appropriately mucosed.  She's dirty, but otherwise in very good condition.  temp 99.5

Torso girth (3rd from last rib) 36" weight 110?  All other measures same. 

Kluane—Temperament scores and traits

1. Intelligence—9.  She is very smart, and has the companion dog intelligence. Has a sense for all things human.  Cooperative thinker, processes only whats right in front her—does not project consequences to behavior. Little if any follow through—not a problem solver.

2. Pitch of/vocal sounds 7 —high, malamutish.  Chorus of  yowls and screams.  Barks are lower and few.

3. Barking—10 - In thirty days she has barked as territorial communication only once that I know of.

4. Whining and talking back—10—she doesn’t

5. Prey drive—7—shows interest in small animals (cats squirrels birds) and large animals (deer horses dogs) will catch her attention. I feel she would give chase if the opportunity arose, but she will not ilicit it on her own.

6. Chewing– 8—I’m going to split this into two aspects. First destrcuction. She like the sound of ripping and cracking. Paper items, cardboards she will piece out. Harder objects will assume great effort to take them apart.  Not gentle or careful with toys. Second, inappropriate choice of objects is a 9.  - does not bother people things, targets objects intended for dogs.

7. Swallowing stuff—5 this may be a problem for Kluane.   If she has something she is not supposed to, she will attempt to swallow it before you get to her.   She will swallow large chunks of food and bone habitually.

8. Dominance, aggression towards humans—10.  I don’t believe it would ever occur to her to bite or be aggressive towards a human. She’s a  flight, freeze or fight she’s definitely flight or freeze kinda gal.

9. Challenging owner/trainer—10 she works very hard to NOT challenge. Over reacts to obey at times “drama queen”

10. Child friendly—8—Kluane’s size and her propensity to not be aware of it might be a factor but I don’t see any behaviors that suggest she may be problematic around older children. I would not recommend her for toddlers however, as I said, her size would lend to the possibility she could knock small children over or other accidentally cause harm.

11. Dominance/Aggression towards other dogs— I can’t answer this with accuracy of observation as she is currently carrying a litter and won’t act her “normal” self.

12. Soft or hard bite— 9? Soft bite— she is gentle when taking treats. Thoughtful when picking up a toy during play time. Does not enjoy tug games.

13. Touch sensitivity—8—gets “jumpy” around certain areas during brushing. Has an average pain tolerance, is not dramatic about responding to pain. 

14. Emotional sensitivity—9  - she has feelings, but you won’t hurt them easily.  She has a good deal of aloof to her that damps her intuition response. She is careful to sense your mood before approaching.

15. Sound sensitivity—10 she is not sound sensitive, and this is good in the way that she will condition easily to a noisy household/environment.  Thunderstorms and fireworks should not bother her. Training may be hindered in some aspects that she is not easily startled by sounds or sharp vocal corrections.

16. Ease of training for the average person—8.  Her size may be a determining factor, and she has a tendency to “forget” how big she is.  She likes to please you, because that is what works out best for her.

17. Velcro—(not wanting to wander) - 9. Likes her home and her things. Enjoys consistency and ritual. She seems to find people fascinating, and everything we do needs to be carefully observed and recorded in her AA brain. Her malamute brain will kick in occasionally. I would see that if she got going on something, it would be difficult for her to break her focus and return to a recall command.

18. Genetic hyperness or energy level—8 she can be made nervous easily.   I cannot assess this correctly at this pont as she is carrying a litter and is not acting her true energy level. HOWEVER, she moves quickly and with repeated body movements when intentionally excited.  This tells me there is a propensity towards hyperness.

Investigative or inquisitive 7 - Kluane watches and rarely puts herself into something without giving it a good eyeballing first.

Stubbornness—none that I’ve seen so far. If she understands what I want, she will do it.

Eating of feces— 6 yes. Markedly not hers and usually problematic if the feces has any bits or pieces of a previously chewn object, especially bones.

Pooping in designated spot—9 around the edges of the yard, and in the straw portion of her kennel, which is where the most desired spots are. Elimantes in her kennel during the night.

Sloppy drinking– 7 not delicate or concerned, will wipe her face on you afterwards

Age of life– 9 I see nothing about her that suggests her longevity will suffer.

Health issues— 9 there are none that I can find congenitally, conformationally her back is a bit long but it is well muscled and the carriage is normal and smooth. None environmentally, and only one temperment and that is the swallowing.

Retrieving or carrying—9 Does not incline to retrieve. Will carry “possessions” (bones, toys) to a out of the way spot and quietly disassemble it.

Digging—10 none

Conformation—9 her back is a bit long but it is well muscled and the carriage is normal and smooth.

Girth—8— hips should be wider and even with shoulders—they are a degree or two off.

Eyes—8—correct shape on the outside, inset (tear duct area) falls too low. Color is rimmed and speckled outer being too dark, inner near pupil is appropriate.

Ears—7— feathering behind ears more prominent and prone to matting because of drop ear. Size is correct and positioning on skull is a degree or two low.

Nose—8– (snout?) narrows towards nose. Lips are tight and smooth against bone. Black is appropriate inside the nostrils.

Girth of skull—8 High occiput. Slants downward at a harsh angle, porportions correct for snout, stop is too “stoppy”

Length of tail—9 1/4” or so too long below the hock, hangs correctly with no curl. Wide wag

Feet –10 perfect splay, large and independent toes. Nails will wear appropriately

Neck—9 a touch too short, however her posture is currently affected by her pregnancy, so she could be carrying herself differently than normal.

Topline—See #36

Gait—See #36, For a pregnant bitch she carries herself with care and keeps her feet spread wide when standing for periods of time.

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