Egyptian Dieties litter

Match ReportDraygo/Naga x Kluane (Kip) - Whelped  October24 2020

Below: Genetics pedigree - I use this form of pedigree to work out a "visual" of the inheritance of both the phenotype (how they look)  and genotype (what dominant genes are in their make up, and which they carry recessively.  This also helps me "math" incidences and statistics of any congenital health conditions that may or may not be present.  To see the official family history pedigree, complette with pictures and links to siblings and offspring, please visit

The EYES have it - the Egyptian Dieties litter was brought about to capture Kip's eye shape and Draygo's yellow coloring to move ever closer to acheiving the Dire Wolf look.

Draygo (TopperxSaigon).jpg

Naga was used for this season as well. Being Draygo's first breeding, we could not risk losing the opportunity to gain Kip's eye almond eye shape, gained from Malamute "Elwin".  Rainier brought in a very "round" eye, not wolfy like.  Lois has been striving to change that for several years.