Direwolf Dogs of Fennario

Meet the Pack!  Located in central Colorado, an American Alsatian breeder

in level three of certification with the National American Alsatian Breeders Association. 

Head trainer for Direwolf Guardians, a service dog training program that focuses on the unique temperament of the AA, and using that to it's fullest potential.

ALL Fennario's breeding dogs are  DNA tested with

ALL Fennario's breeding dogs are  registered with

for over 160 genetic conditions commonly seen in purebred domestic dogs today.

Our Male Direwolf Dogs

Our Female Direwolf Dogs

Above: Dave and August West 

August 2016

Left: Shawna, August West and Toodles at the 2018 CAAC MeetUp

Located in gorgeous Evergreen Colorado

Shawna and "Saigon", (FinnxSwan)

a Schwarz Dog American Alsatian,

taken June 2016.

Fennario's American Alsatians host this view of Mt. Evans from their back deck, and enjoy the natural Rocky Mountain landscaping in the front yard. The kennels have community confinement outdoors, but the dogs sleep inside the house at night, they ARE our family.

Socialization comes easy for the American Alsatian, some pictures of the pack out and about town