Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs

Future/Planned Litters


"Pearly Baker"

Our pick male from "Working man's"

2 lovely females of Great Pyrenees decent will be joining us at Fennario in early 2021.

We will call these ladies Bonnie Lee and Pearl. They are of local breeding and their lines are traceable for 3 generations.   DNA results are pending


Our founding male

"August West"


"Bonnie Lee"

These pairings  for the next few generations should resemble these dogs (right) with varying degrees of light and dark coats, white spotting and either black or white muzzles.

 Skull n Roses 
American Beauty

Some of our pups will resemble this dog found through EMBARK Labs website.  This dog DNA tests as 100% Great Pyrenese.

Some of our pups will resemble

August West and Stella with lighter silver and white coloring.

Spring 2021

Fall 2021

Spring 2022

Fall 2022

Summer 2023 +

These pups will have a sturdy and agile build, heavy coat and a flowing full tail.  We will have a combination of light and dark faces for a few generations as we select for companion dog traits, longevity factors and optimum genetic health.

We will be selecting away from flock guardian temperament, smallness of bone and skull, curled tails and drop ears. they will all have rear dewclaws which we will discard in our next outcross.

Males from these generations will range between 120 and 150 lbs.  Females between 80 and 100 lbs.  A range of feathering length and and tail curl will appear for quite some time. They will require regular grooming with particular attention at the beginning of spring to help remove their winter coats.  At home brushing and nail/dew claw care will be all that is needed, however they will be fond of human touch, and conditioned to like grooming as pups.  They will be Loyal, affectionate and steadfast companions for their families., uncaring of visitors or passers by.  Heavy pack animals these dogs will move intuitively with their packs on Colorado's hiking trails. Enough LFG temperament will be residual through our new girls that should dilute the German Shepherd so strong in Auggie's ancestry. For some Heavy socialization and firm direction will be needed.  Those will have desire for a good time will often out weigh the desire to please you. I will be able to spot these happy campers at a very young age, and extra transition will be offered to the future owners.  Some pups may present with their recessive ancestry and resemble these dogs: 


Left: some of our dogs will have very dark coloring and ranges of reds and browns. Some will have black and tan patterns with ears that stand forward on the side of the skull right.  Some will be solid black and have GSD qualities. A few will be extremely heavy coated and large heads and small drop ears.


As we select for "Up" ears and straight tails, we will run into a few different ear positions, ranges of sables and recessive blacks.  These are examples of what may occur in our litters that would be undesirable, looks-wise. 

We would be selecting away from these - they are not close to

the standards for the Rocky Mountain Companion Dog

 NONE of the photos contained on this page belong to Fennario kennels I take absolutely no credit. Original Source: - others were blatantly taken from google searches of PyrenesxGerman Shepherd mix, and selected for their relativeity.

"Europe '72"             "Mars Hotel"       "Blues for Allah"    litters
(2022)                            (2023)                      (2024)

Once our Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs are set in the right direction for the companion temperament we desire as standard in our dogs, we will bring in an outcross of Berger Picard decent. This male's ancestry is traceable and verifiable for at least four generations maternally and paternally.  He is titled and I personally have worked with him extensively throughout his life. He is aspiring for AKC's Therapy Dog title, then will be heading a R.E.A.D. dog team here in the Denver area. DNA clear - HIPS and Elbows  OFA certified clear - SERF - clear. 

This will bring in a harsh coat, Agouti coloring, no mask with a widows peak, solidly erect ears, shorter straight tails and decrease our size by about 30 lbs.  (Males from these generations are expected to weigh 80 to 100 lbs and females could see a demure 75 lbs max.   These litters will be an active bunch, needing more exercise and stimulation than our previous generations.  We may be surprised to find that these litters may be more suited for urban/small property  living.  A good walk on park trails followed by an evening game  of fetch should suffice to keep them happy and healthy, but they will thrive carrying backpacks on drive-to hikes.  They will do well at the dog park, but will have a stubborn streak that will make it necessary to have a very strong recall in public.   We will be selecting against these traits, and following through with our pups to make sure you have all the training and support you need for the practical jokes they will play and the challenging situations they will out-smart you with. It is with these litters that the best potential for Service or Therapy dog will show.



Berger Picard outcross 


SkullnRoses,  x 

Europe '72 x back to

American Beauty

See below for: 

Health, DNA and Match Report- Breeder's notes and records -  Puppy /Adult Application - 

If I stick little gry triangles on to mimmik up ears, this is close the Rocky Mountain Companion Dog Standard representation.

As 2025 approaches we see these generations blend. Genetics are untangled and preserved. The Rocky Mountain Companion Dog will soon be attaining its goals and meeting it's standard set forth in 2020.  With a careful passion and dedication to the best for the species as a whole - our hopes and dreams - 

Your family members and life long companions