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Learn to groom your dog    All breed trims and coat types

Find your breed and the haircut best suited for your lifestyle in the catalog below. Mixed breeds are listed by the coat type they most closely resemble
A FULL Service Groom is bath, blow dry, clip and style, anal gland expression and nails clipped
Bath and brush ONLY include bath, blow dry, feet, face and fanny trimmed, brush to remove dead coat.
Dematting, extra brush for compacted coats and pelt-matted shaving will incur extra charges.

Golden Retreiver

BMD's and, Aussies

"Feathers" or "Furnishings" are what we call the longer hair that growson the legs, rear and belly of these breeds Regular grooming schedules can vary as much as once a month to every 12 weeks.

Golden Doodles, Austalian Labrdoodles, Larbadoodles, DobrDooles, Berna Doodles, Newfadoodles,  Double Doodle  and F-1B Doodles, Doodles that shed and Doodles that don't.

Gotta Lova Doodle.

These intentional mixes have been bred for a certain look and coat style that is best groomed every 4 weeks.

Standards, Mini's and Toys.

The Poodle coat takes regular brushing AND COMBING to obtain a full time fluffy look. Most poodles of smaller than 15" do best kept in a one inch or less haircut.    Trimming a Standard above an inch long is difficult and time consuming to maintain,  and must be clipped every 4 to 6 weeks for optimal appearance and health

De-Shedding and 
Coat/Skin Treatments

Double coated

Long Hair:  Specialty de-shedding shampoo opens follicles allowing dead coat to be released. A 15 min soak in a special conditioner closes the follicles and holds in live healthy coat

Getting the shampoo thoroughly soaked into the coat, down to the skin, is the trick to getting this coat squeaky clean. 

Once completely dry, the coat will quickly release most of it's dead shedding hair 


Short Hair

De-shed efforts are always first and foremost. A quality shampoo and a thorough brushing and combing can do wonders, but some times I'll use a furminator if it is not too thick or long haired.

Layer Brushing Video Instruction

Non shedding flat coats

Yorkie, Havanese, ShihTzu 

Lhasa Apso and Maltese

I like to use a mild shampoo, preferably with color brighteners. A mud-soak conditioner and an antistatic spray help to control matting.

Flat non shedding coats should be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks.


Most of these 'lil guys and gals have a double layered non shedding coat that can mat very easily without regular grooming.

Most can support a once-a-month bath and brush, with haircuts every other month or so,

Due to health reasons I have retired from professional grooming.

 Offering Instruction on how to groom your dogs at home.

Classes offered, big and small dogs

Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers will fall under non shedding flat coat)

Cairn, West Highland White, Scottish, Airedale and Schnauzers

Most can support a once-a-month bath and brush, with haircuts every other month or so,  extending to 6 months for some individuals, depending on rate of growth and coarseness of the coat.


A mild shampoo and conditioner with special attention paid to ear care for these lively dogs. Spaniel feathers, or furnishings on the ears, legs, rear and belly need regular maintenance.

Their double coats can support regular trimming, with it being necessary to trim feet often to keep them clear of debris