The Poodles

What came first? The MaTT or the Poodle?

Poodle grooming is one of the most rewarding and challenging breeds to work with.

Coat type can be associated with color, and the texture will change as they age.

The same trim and cut style can be applied to all FIVE sizes, Royal, Standard, Mini, Toy and Teacup.  (Not officially recognized sizes by any breed club - for grooming purposes only).

The non-shedding double-textured coat of the Poodle can range from a low curl, wavy texture (this coat is not appropriate and usually is a mixed breed or related to skin issues.)  to a tight thick curl repleat with harsh wire guard hairs. (the most desirable type).

The Poodle and most of its derivative mixes have a multitude of styles and trims to choose from, but the most popular is the "Teddy Bear" or "Puppy Cut" trim.

The loose definition of this trim is one common length on the body, styled for a round appearance. Feet, tail and face hair is the common length, and styled accordingly.  (See gallery pic SAMMY for example).  Continental trims (See gallery pic JONES for example) and Lamb trims (See Gallery pic _______ for example) are also popular choices for poodles.  I have also maintained the English Saddle, Dutch and full banded Top Knot and ears in my grooming history. (See gallery pics for examples if available)

Teddy Bear Head - Is a loose description of trimmed (with scissors) to a rounded appearance, muzzle, cheeks, stop, skull and juncture point behind ears. (See gallery pic ______for example)

Clean face and feet - are common for poodles and help tremendously with home maintenance.  It can also be a boost to dental care, as the bacteria causing gingivitis and tooth decay have less place to harbor and breed. Usually shaved with a #10 blade.   (See gallery pic ARROW for example)

Shampoos to use - The shampoo can make or break a good Poodle trim. It is best for me to know my client, as the Poodle does moult somewhat in the spring, and weather conditions in Colorado can vary from sopping wet to bone dry for days at a time.  The Colorado Poodle will vary from thick, heavy and dirty one groom to light, airy and full of static the next.  I will use conditioners sparingly, as they tend to make the coat soft and heavy, which makes scissoring difficult. When I DO use conditioners it is concentrated mostly on de-matting or treating skin.

Poodle grooming has come a long way with the improvement of grooming tools, equipment and techniques. Competitions in the Industry (kind of a "Groomer's Olympics") have sprung up all over the world show casing the versatility of the Poodle's coat.

Creative Grooming, which includes dying the coat to clip into shapes and complete body images are popular because they allow the groomer to express the artistic talent to the fullest, while giving the pet Poodle a chance to shine in the spot light and be the center of many attentions. Many groomers report their Poodles become mopey when they no longer model for competitions.