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American Alsatian Puppy Care

Handbook for New Puppy Owners

by L.E. Schwarz

Written by the breed's founder, there is no better resource for health care, training and feeding the American Alsatian puppy



The day is arriving when you will pick up your new puppy so let’s go over the things you will need to do before your puppy comes home:


______1.  Re-arrange the house for your new arrival.  Pick up stuff and put it away. Although our AA's are not destructive, have the mind set that if there's any way for the pup to get it, they will, so put it away. NEVER leave anything out you can't stand to lose. If pup chews your shoes it's because you left them out.


______2.  Find a place that will be just for the puppy.  The puppy could use his own “bedroom” where he can be himself, where there is no stress.  This could be a closet, the mudroom, or a wire exercise pen, crate or kennel.  Be cautious what you leave in the area with pup. One towel, one water receptacle, and one indestructible chew toy is all I recommend. 

If he is to stay outside then you best put him in a kennel near your bed or inside where you can condition him first.  No puppy that I have ever known could adapt in one day to the outside without any other animal or person to let him know that he is not lost or alone.  Dogs are social animals and need someone or something to be with.  If your dog will spend a lot of time outside, fix up a place for the pup to have his water BUCKET and his FOOD DISH.  Purchase a large doghouse that has a small entrance as most dogs like dens.  You may wish to hammer down a carpet on the floor of the doghouse and a carpet to flap over the door now or in the future.