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Defining a Companion Dog breed.

A reasonable difference between a companion dog's temperament and any other "purposed" breed development (for example hunting or herding):- is the lack of prey drive. Historically, man has selectively bred the fastest runners,with the most keen eyesight, and dogs with enough drive and stamina to stay with the quarry .Over time, these characteristics became "set" within a breed as a "trait", and now we have the Border Collie "Stare", and the Blood Hound's BAY. If the best prey-driven dogs were selected, what of the dogs that were passed over because they preferred to stay home and cuddle. The ones that gave up the chase quickly? Surely they weren't ALL excellent hunters or there would been no development. The Dire Wolf Project selects those dogs with the lowest prey drive, and continually reduces any tendency to be active and energetic through selectively choosing to breed those dogs with the preference to stay close to home. Over time, these characteristics have been "set" as traits like the heavy laydown and the AA LEAN, to become what we refer to as a Companion Dog's temperament.