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It's all in how you say it.....

DIRE WOLF (Canis Dirus) is a different word with a different meaning and different creature than a Direwolf Dog. You'll note that the words "dire" and "wolf" have been mashed together to form one word. You can start to regard this in the same fasion as Wrigley's DOUBLEMINT gum. "Double" and "Mint" being two stand alone words being mashed together to form a catch phrase - doublemint….and the description of the product "GUM". Now compare that to the description of the Direwolf "DOG". In the eyes of the United States judicial system, a dog regarded as property. Much to our dismay sometimes, they have no more right or value than a lawn mower or an Armani suit. Lois, being the genius that she is – has found a way to use that very fact to protect the dogs like no other institution has dared to do. And it works. 100%.

The Dire Wolf Project, and the NAABA both oversee the breeding practices of their breeders, including the financial ethics of it’s breeders, and therefore has a distribution center, franchise models and all sorts of things that regard the dogs as commodities. Right down to the fact that they are “PACKAGED” with this trademark.

THIS WAY – no one, including the AKC, CBS, SPCA or Netflix can use the name American Alsatian, Direwolf Dog, or any of it’s affiliated registered trademarks. No one outside of the Direwolf Project, with unethical breeding practices, can take our dogs and undo all the wonderous fantastic breeding Lois has done with these amazing dogs.

If someone were to try to advertise American Alsatian puppies, our scour bots would alert us and we would swiftly shut them down. We can’t take their dogs or anything, but we can sue the pants off em – which is enough for most people to relent to the fact that they were trying to scam people.

This is by far - without question - better than any spay or neuter contract that could ever be produced.