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The American Alsatian At Home

Stress relief for the Companion Dog's Companion - "DOGA" or, Yoga for dogs has been a "thing" for about twenty years now. Your American Alsatian's craving for interaction and your need for emotional support can be satisfied with this exercise. Perfect for stress relief and a good quiet workout for staying home. To begin, if your AA is not used to quiet time on the floor with you, start interacting with them about a week prior to trying Doga. Choose a consistent spot and time of day to practice quiet petting and LAP Therapy on the floor. You cn also be seated in a kitchen chair if being on the floor is difficult for you. Alternate stretches available see below. Another way to prepare the dog is to "catch" them stretching. When your AA gets on a good stretch, run your hands along their body helping them by extending the limb gently. Week 2 - or when you feel your AA can calming let you practice your poses without interruptinig the zen - If you and your AA have practiced LAP therapy regularly, you're all set. Choose a consistent spot and time of day to start:

An AA Favorite - have your AA lay on its back, while you sit beside them, facing the tail. With an open hand on the breastbone, run your hand along the belly, and into the back leg, pulling the lg into a stretch with both hands. One hand on the front part, and one hand running only the meaty part of the back leg down to the foot. Repeat on either side.

Child’s pose: Get on your knees and sit back on your heels, reaching your arms straight out in front of you. ___TRANSITION TO____ Down dog: On your hands and feet, push your hips back. You will feel a stretch in your calves and achilles. Meanwhile, let your dog interact with you. Have them sit or lay down when you transition back and forth between child’s pose and down dog. You and your American Alsatian will both be both getting the benefits of yoga and you are getting the extra benefits of structured time with your dog.