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The name "American Alsatian" - old roots for a new breed

The large breed companion dog breed made it's name American Alsatian in 2008.

American Alsatian "Fennario's August West"

ALSATIAN (for the best of second hand information can tell me as I wasn't alive when it was being used). was the label that was given to the old world European dog that eventually became what we know today as the German Shepherd dog. These ALSATIAN's (name deriven from France) were not a purebred dog but rather a farm shepherd that had the same basic body structure (60-70 lbs., shorthaired square build with prick ears). The temperament is what set this dog "breed" aside as they possessed talents for droving, herding and flock guardianship. This is rare in one dog, and for this versatility, they became highly prized and sought after. For most of the 1800's these dogs were kept as working dogs and pets. In the early 1900's these dogs began to take on a more uniform look as purebred dog breeding came into fasion, and in 1918, the American Kennel Club assisted in founding what we know today as the German Shepherd Dog, but the same purebred animals were still called ALSATIANS in most of democratic Europe (cause you know....Germany...WWII ect ect.) Not until 1979, did Britian finally adopted the name German Shepherd. Fast forward to today...the American ALSATIAN is a "breed" with the same basic body structure that has a rare temperament of calm, intuitive, and little instinct to wander from home. Essentially we are taking the old world custom of breeding genetically, not by pedigree - and applying it to our dogs today, and we found it fitting to brng the name up through history to label our dogs. Next we'll talk about the name "Direwolf Dog".