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LuLu, my LuLu

Reg # FEN010-REK-4   Female

Rocky Mountain Companion Dog

D.O.B -  7/25/23

Birth Notes: 4th born, sac on, breech


Sire: King Solomon's              Dam: Anthem CMD

Marbles                                     "

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

6 week notes plus Score card

LuLu really liked the handling and responded with soft grunts and curiousosity when turned over.  Relaxed for the dangle, Lulu was hungry and tried to nurse on anything that came close to her face.  Nice structure on this one - head and body rounder than the others.

score:    5-6               collar color:    purple   weight           17 oz   

Took her time responding to all tests, seeming to want to understand it before she responded.  Being still seems to be her "go-to" coping mechanism. Then flight quickly takes over ad she seeks corners and darker places.  Wiggled and wimpered for the dange, everything else was quiet. She has a GORGEOUS face and well set ears. Nice conformation.

Score       3-4                   no dew claws                             weight:    5 lbs

A bold and brash female, into being the center of attention. Took most of the temperament tests in stride, but was anxious for them to be over. Compliant to a point, she had the best time with the testing materials. Tearing down the background sheet, taking off with the blue cone, and grabbing my pen right out of my hand.  She will resource guard her food and is the only pup in the bunch that does that.  This is a HEALTHY pup, eats all kinds of stuff but always solid stools.  This pup will need an active family, as she reminds me very much of a Lab.

Score 3-4                                                                                                  weight 18 lbs

A "Lulu"
Photo Journal

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