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Based in Evergreen Colorado with over 30 years experience in all fields of canine care.

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"American Beauty"

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Evergreen, CO​


Mobile: 720-369-0736


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Located in Evergreen Colorado, with a gorgeous view of Mt. Evans and plenty hospitality - visitors are welcome by appointment please. 
 We would love for you to pick up your puppy in person. If pup needs transport, Fennario would prefer to deliver all puppies if possible, but we can ship puppies only if hand delivery is not a viable option for us.
Service Dogs and their training are only offered through Fennario to the continental United States.
Colorado Mountain Dogs Colorado Mountain Dog Breeder

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Rocky Mountain
Companion Dogs 

A large type of companion dog bred for a calm mellow temperament and little prey drive.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. 

- Albert Einstein


Pick of the WEEK picture

Colorado Mountain Dog breeder Colorado Mountain Dog puppy

Colorado Mountain Dog "Bonnie Lee" and her puppy "Jack Straw"

at Evergreen Animal Hospital Pictures with the Grinch

in Colorado USA


Dog Breeder Colorado Mountain Dog
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