Upcoming Litters:  Skull n Roses - Due Dec 2021

August West of Fennario Kennels



 Fennario's "August West"

Foundation Dog 

CNK's Pearly Baker of TOF

Colorado Mountain Dog 

What We hope to Achieve with this litter:   Solid bone structure, healthy hearts and excellent gaits are traits we will bring forward in this match. Pearl's Pyrenees vocality wil be countered by Auggie strong silent type.  Respectful of boundaries and fond of staying home are important contributions from both parents. 

 These dogs will be LARGE. 150 lbs for males and 110 for females is an expected average. Males could be as tall as 32" and females may keep up being 28-30".  Coat texture will be marvelous - short - thick, seasonal moderate shedding. All tails will have a Shepherds crook, all ears will be pendant.  Coat color is going to be a traffic stopper. Wolf Sable with patches of white and white blazes on the muzzle.  She has no black masking but can show blacks in her coat pattern, (E/E) , is a clear sable (AyAy) with flash or piebald white spotting. (spsp) Auggie is light white spotting (Sp/sp) black-mask dominant, (Em/e) Wolf Sable that holds recessive black (Aw/a) and recessive white.  


THESE pictures are EXAMPLES ONLY - I do not own any of these pictures, or dogs themselves - 

COI =  0%

AVK ancestor loss = 99%

Haplo Diversity = High


Waitlist for this litter is


11.  Ramsay

12.   Nelson

13.  Guthrie

14.  Zelenka

15.  Leonard/Craig

16. Shelton

Whelping is expected December 12th 2021. 

 Cost range for puppies is $1,200 to $ 1,800.