Upcoming Litters:  Skull n Roses - Sprummer 2022




 "Direwolf" THOR (not born yet) is predicted to look much like his older brother Half-Step (pictured here)

Pearly Baker (CNK's) Colorado Mountain Dog 

Workingman's pick male (Thor)                              X                                 Pearly Baker

What We hope to Achieve with this litter:   DIVERSITY -  This litter will bring a much needed shake up to the genetics involved in the Rocky Mountain Companion Dog.  We have a strong chance of mostly white with patches of Wolf Sable, and dark faces with some white spotting.  We may have a couple that hold the reds in their coats but most reds/yellows will fade to silver by a year old.  (See below for some examples of possible colors)     These dogs will be LARGE. 150 lbs for males and 110 for females is an expected average. Males could be as tall as 32" and females may keep up being 28-30".

Coat texture will be marvelous - short - thick, seasonal moderate shedding. All tails will have a Shepherds crook and half the litter will have "Up" positions to their ears but may 

have folded or flat positions when aroused.

Whelping is expected anytime between Christmas 2021 and Easter 2022.  Pups will be temperament tested and socialized as part of our puppy raising standard.  After ten weeks, training/boarding programs will begin,  as needed per individual. - Cost range for puppies is $1,200 to $ 1,800.   


THESE pictures are EXAMPLES ONLY - I do not own any of these pictures, or dogs themselves - 


COI = 0 %

AVK ancestor loss = 99%

Haplo Diversity = HIGH


Waitlist for this litter is


11.  Ramsay

12.   Nelson

13.  Guthrie

14.  Zelenka

15.  Leonard/Craig

16. Shelton

17. Perez


Fennario's Pick - should we be lucky enough to get this with our first generations, would resemble this handsome creature. EXAMPLE ONLY