Fennario's "Stella Blue"

Whelped: 8/22/2019


Registration # FEN-MT2001 - 9

EMBARK DNA results 


 A "Stella Blue"Photo Journal

Stella Blue
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Stella Blue Wake of the Flood litter
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Stella Blue 1 year 10 months
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August West x Toodles

Birth Notes

Birth order: 10th

Black body and head, white tip tail, pink pads, white on feet

Double dew claws

 Dogs of Fennario - 5 week report - "Stella" - Fusia collar

Stella LOVES people, all ages, all sizes she just wants to get us all in a big ole bear hug.   She's social and inquisitive, but not self involved.   She thinks outside of herself.   She's gentle with people,  but not so much for dogs. She will run and barrel into the other puppies, knocking them over, with no apology, just a look back as she leaves them in the dust.  She will need structured exercise, and she may need a good ole fasion blls-to-the-wall run about once a week. She will get the zoomies, and they will last a couple of minutes.  She will be food motivated to a point. She will enjoy the interaction of you giving food more than the actual act of eating. BUT - if you tone down the praise in conjunction with treats, you will not build any sort  food obsession.   She will house break easily.   She has a keen sense of territory, knowing where boundaries are and she very respectful of them.  She likes faces, eye contact, and is not concerned with changes in voice tones (unless she hears "MOVE!" then she does, quickly without any waryness). She is FEARLESS - moves head on into the fray with no hesitation. New sounds are to be investigated.as possible playmates.  This may cause her some trouble later in life as you will have to show her what a "healthy" fear is.  She is a problem solver with a long attention span. This could be disastrous if not used to its full potential.   - she will need problems to solve, so start stuffing the kongs right now!  Prey drive is "there", if you want to hook it up you can. If you want to foster less prey drive DO NOT play tug or use chase games of any sort during early development. Encourage a soft mouth and you'll squash the chase triggers for her.

Eating, pooping and sleeping:   NONE of this litter appear to be bullies or food mongers. All will go happily to the dish, find a spot and stay there. Stella is usually one of the first to the dishes. She recognizes the sounds of feeding time, and hovers around, but is not so intent on the dishes that she gets panicky.  She has a healthy appetite, not issues with chewing, swallowing or the like. Teeth are all there, straight and her breath is normal puppy-sweet. She poops mostly in the corners of the yard and urinates around the thresholds of doorways.  In so far she gives no "tells" that either act is uncomfortable for her - emotionally or physically.   She sleeps always with someone, either curled next to them or head draped over them.

Body and bone:  You will be able to tell this dog is female at first glance. She will not be "petite", as she is an American Alsatian, but she will be on the less girthy, more lithe side. She will be fast, but her temperament won't make her use it often.  She has nice square feet, but not much splay to the foot meeting the ground. She will carry her tail over her back when turned "on" and walk with it hanging just below the hock when at ease.  Smaller erect ears, carried on the side of the head.  Colour will be quite unique. She may have the greying gene, although her top coat only will express it, leaving a tawny or platnum blonde undercoat.  No furnishings, but she will have a floofy butt.  Predicted adult weight 80 to 90 lbs. 

Direwolf Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS  - 2.5 to 3 weeks        Collar color: Fusia


Litter # WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-9                           name: Stella   

1.  Drop an object into the den, away from the pups. How did this puppy react? score 7-8

Turned toward noise, looked in that direction. Got up and went to investigate it.

2. Using you whole hand, roughly pet the pup from muzzle to tail.  score-9-10*

Wants to put my hand in her mouth. She thinks I'm a new toy, and she is playing so hard she doesn't realize she's being pet roughly. Not tense, not combative, just Very intent on tasting-feeling me with her mouth *The standards give no indicative mention of this level of playfulness - scoring may be different upon consultation with the NAABA

3. Pick up the pup from its den using your whole hand to simulate mother dogs mouth. 

Was loose upon lifting and at first few seconds, then she tried to curl her whole rear up. Groaned and grunted throughout.   score 5-6

4. Turn the pup over on its back securely supported   score 5-6

Looked past me with little eye contact throughout.  Didn't struggle, turned head toward Dave's voice, looked back when I spoke, but still little eye contact.  Tail between legs but legs floppy.  Started chewing on her front paw.

5. Place the pup in a high-sided wicker basket by itself. How did this puppy react when separated from its littermates?   score 5-6

Sat, smelled the sides (you could hear her sniffing) licked the bottom,  turned counter clock wise. Started to whine and paw at the sides, looking up.

6. Place the puppy back near its siblings, but not with them.

How does this puppy react?  score 7-8

Layed down and chewed her leg, played with her tail. Got up and pounced on Porter, chewed on his leg and tail for a while then fell asleep

EXTRA CREDIT - nail trim. Tasted/felt my hand with her mouth for the whole process.

Dogs of Fennario TEMPERAMENT TESTS Birth to 3 days old.         Collar color: Fusia


Litter # WOTF-1                     Registration # FEN - MT2001-9                           name: Stella Blue       



1. How does this pup come into the world?                                     score7-8

Sac on head first.  Once sac was removed from head (mom kept at her rear so I made a hole for her to breathe.) she took a deep breath steady breath. Wiggly, strong, righted herself very quickly.   Small mewls, no wailing or continued noise.


2. Noises this pup makes during the 1st 8 hours of life                  score 7-8

Hardly anything. She humms when she eats, protests when cleaned with grunts and groans, but otherwise very quiet newborn. I have to look for her because she doesn't vocally attract attention.


3. What is the energy level of this pup?                                            score 3-4

Moderate. She moves from one end of mom to the other and back almost all the time. She'll eat on the opposite side that she sleeps. She gets there by any means possible.  But then I won't see her again for the rest of the day.

4. What is the reaction of this pup to the first medical examination?       score 3-4

Tried to move every which way to get off the scale, very strong and confident about her position in life at the moment = not normal. She 


5. What is the reaction of this pup when turned over on its back?         score 3-4

Stiffened up, kept tail tucked and was quiet, breathing harder, heartbeat slightly elevated.  Remained that way. 

6. What is the reaction of this pup when placed back with it’s mother?    score 3-4

Flopped around immediately, mewling and yelling for mom, who had to "go get her", then she found mom and littermates, slept di



7. What is the reaction of this pup for petting/applied pressure?                 score 5-6

Turned away from my touch, yawned and turned inwards.  Started to try to nurse on my leg and belly.

Temperament scales, health records - vaccinations/worming
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