The Waitlist..

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How to get on it

The Waitlist acts as a barometer of sorts for the Dire Wolf Project breeders to plan how many puppies they can produce and place in their furever homes  for any given season. Careful attention is paid to average weight desired, long coats or short, males or females.  The size and scope of the Project entirely depends on this Wait List.  The fewer people desiring the AA's, the fewer the Dire Wolf Project can produce.  We will never create what is not wanted. But lucky for you - thats not happening yet.

The Waitlist comprises of a list of folks who have placed a deposit with the Dire Wolf Project. This deposit is Project-Wide, as we are a network of breeders working together, never in competition with each other.  The date the deposit is placed is called your "pick date". 

 We encourage you to communicate with the Dire Wolf project Breeders and find just one you are comfortable working with. Should a pup from a different breeder become available that suits your needs more than the breeder you have worked with; the deposit will be transferred internally to that breeder, and you will pay the balance of the sale price of the American Alsatian to that pup's breeder.

Only one deposit is required FOR LIFE, no matter how many AA's we let you you can consider it a "membership" of sorts in the Dire Wolf Project.


How long your actual WAIT on the LIST is entirely dependant on what you desire in your perfect dog, aligning with what is available for you to choose from within the Project and a time of life that is comfortable for you to bring the AA into your family.  And finally, who deposited before OR after you that would have the same stars line up. Your breeder will always set precedence on pick date. 



PASSWORDS for Waitlists and Breeder's notes for that litter: some pages are password protected because the information contained on those pages are written for folks interested in specific litters for specific reasons. I want to speak to those reasons specifically and candidly. I have found that relaying my thoughts and observations is less confusing if we keep the conversations about each litters and their potential people matches separate. Assigning passwords so I can speak to only those folks who have deposited with the Dire Wolf Project assures both of us that we are all "on the same page".  -Shawna Davies, Fennario Breeder/Owner

Navigating Fennario's Waitlist

The YELLOW blocks are planned litters, with 10 spaces each.  TEN is the average expected litter size for the AA generations coming along now; could be more, could be less.

The BLUE blocks are the folks currently deposited and working with Fennario for the POTENTIAL litters listed in the Yellow Blocks, or are considering these litters as a possibility.


The GREEEN blocks are the list of folks who are either waiting longer than the litters listed in the YELLOW blocks, or are current AA owners waiting on a good time to add a Fennario Direwolf Dog to their family.   

Once you've chosen a breeder to work with, submitted your application and have had said application approved, you are free to send your deposit of $600 to that breeder.

Each breeder will work things a little differntly as far as maintaining their websites and hosting communications with you.    Building a good relationship and being brutally honest with each other will allow your breeder to guide you towards the perfect pup.   When you have found a match and time period that you think you can bring your American Alsatian home, you MUST tell your breeder you are interested in that match. Your breeder will place you on a potential list for those future matches.   Remember, the final say comes down to your pick date on the Dire Wolf Project COMMON Waitlist.  

Fennario's Litter Waitlist

Summer 2020

Mulan x Toodles

1. Schwarz dog pick (male?Female?)

2. Fennario pick (female)

3. CLICK HERE for Breeders Notes 

4. and WAITLIST for this litter


6.        NOW OPEN  FOR 

7.        Dire Wolf Project

8.        COMMON Waitlist depositors



Direwolf Project

"Common" waitlist

Updated as of April 18 2020

dire wolf project.png

* If you have already placed a deposit with the Dire Wolf Project with another breeder, but want to be considered for any of the YELLOW BOX litters, you MUST contact Fennario and let us know. 

We will be in contact with depositing breeder to gather your history, but it will be most helpful to us if you filled out a Fennario Application


Open Permanent Pick Date.

D Ouffut

T. Warren

L Robertson 

C Gerardo

L Bush

If your name is in this box, and you are intersted in ANY of the litters upcoming in the YELLOW boxes, you MUST let me know so I can move your name into the right position.

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Deposited and Considering YELLOW BOX...

R. Zeigler

G. Medina -

A. Leonard & D. Craig 

T & C Seigfried

S & B Gaines

A Sprague

The process for getting an American Alsatian is as unique as the dogs themselves.   It can be confusing at first, and we are forever updating our systems. 

PLEASE contact us with any questions or concerns, we'll be more than happy to guide you to the answers.

Coming Soon

Spring/Summer 2021

Aomoxomoa pup x 


Waitlist and breeder's notes for this litter

Coming soon

Summer/Fall 2021

Aomoxomoa pup x 

Tudor or Essex

Waitlist and breeder's notes for this litter

"Fenris" (Zorro x Pandora) July 2011