American Alsatian Boss

Sire: Boss                                             Dam: Pearl

Retired October 2020

Callname: Toodles or Too


FEMALE     born Sep 17 2017, BP3001-3, F-3


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American Alsatian
Toodles' Littermates
bred by Schwarzdogs
American Alsatian Sasha1(bossxPearl)
American Alsatian Sasha1(bossxPearl)
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BossxPearl litter
BossxPearl litter

Toodles Littermates

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American Alsatian "Conri"
American Alsatian "Conri"

Toodles Littermate - Male born "Sherlock"

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Tikiani "TEEK"
Tikiani "TEEK"

Toodles littermate born Boston - Male

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chloe bossxpearl
chloe bossxpearl

Chloe born Clarice Starling

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Littergroup: Wake of the Flood

Mississippi Half-Step UpTown Toodle-oo - Grateful Dead
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"Toodles" at 2.5 yrs
"Toodles" at 2.5 yrs

American Alsatian Direwolf Dog "Toodles"

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Toodles (boss x Pearl
Toodles (boss x Pearl

American Alsatian Direwolf Dog "Toodle'

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American Alsatian Toodles
American Alsatian Toodles

Toodles April 2020

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A Toodles Photo Journal

June 2020 - Tied with "Mua Mulan" Schwarz kennels.   If

October 2019 - All pups have left for their forever homes except "Half-Step" and "Stella" Toodles keeps her distance from the pups, and seems eager to return to her role as throw rug. Healthy recouperation from whelping with no issues health or behavior. She's her old self, with a tad more mellow mto her. She has gained some broadness to her and I would not be one bit surprised if she hits 130 lbs by mid winter.

August 2019 -

Litter Whelped - 8/22 - Wake of the Flood

July 2019-

Toodles has been breeding this week with Auggie. All matings normal with successful lengthy ties.  She weighs 112 lbs and stands 28" inches at the shoulder.   Only one health incident to report, and the issue proved to be topical. Toodles suffered hairloss on her rump sometime in November due to a moldy batch of yard litter.   Once the problem was discovered the hair loss reversed immediately. She is an absolute joy to have around. Comical but not pushy about being the center of attention. She enjoys most every adventure that comes her way, provided it is not too fast or active. She trots from smell to smell on walks, and has yet-to-date to refuse a recall. She has come when called EVERY time I've called her.

November 2018

Second heat season. Normal and ontime,  provided one tie very late in her season.  The following false or uncarried pregnancy delayed the next season by two months.  

July 5 2018 - 

I have had Mississippi Half-Step UpTown Toodle - oo "Toodles" for 30 days now. Here is my assessment on her temperament as per DWP American  Alsatian Standards-

VOCAL - Deep pitch. Does not bark, at all, even at intruders.. Whines incorrigably if not capped, however this is easy, she stops quickly when told to do so.

PREY DRIVE and CHEWING - ie destructive force - Hardly any prey drive at all. She seems to be most interested in AA "watching" the various city wild life she encounters. She will stare with loose body, tail occasionally doing a slow swing. No flinching when the animal moves, just very intense observation. Does not desire to unravel or take apart anything. She enjoys methodical chewing on bones and antlers. She has not torn up any of the stuffed toys or "killed and gutted" a toy for it's squeaker. She does not like squeakers.  She will abandon the toy as soon as it squeaks and not choose that toy again.

TOUCH AND SOUND SENSITIVITY -  She is very touch sensitive. She will respond quite dramatically to the slightest pressure. She is not a "HARD" dog. However, I suspect that she has a high threshold to pain.   This odd balance of responses has led to only the slightest tug on the leash is regarded by her as a correction. She does not pul on the leash, and I have done no leash training with her what so ever. She naturally turns, walks, runs, and pivots at my side.

Emotional sensitivity - she shows little concern over negative emotional displays outside of her bubble. She will engage in happy or positive emotional displays. She is quite sensitive about being reprimanded, and will quickly revert to "doing nothing" as her resolution. This behavior is different than an aggressive "freeze". When reprimanded, she will remain still and drop her head, shoulders, belly, tail(not tucked) as low and relaxed as possible. She turns into a blob, - that's her "go to" behavior. 

POSSESSIVE or aggressive -   Not possessive over bowls or water or  toys I can see it just under the surface when she is chewing on bones. If any of the other household animals come close she will freeze and stare.  . She has frozen and gotten a very hard stare when I was petting her and my aging poodle came close. She was grandly scolded and layed down-has not repeated this behavior since.

She is a sloppy drinker, but will chew her food slowly, and does not seem to be a picky eater. She does not crowd at meal times, and is respectful of others space.

INTELLIGENCE- Excellent for an American Alsatian, average as compared to a German Shepherd, we must remember that we are dealing with the intelligence of a Companion Temperament. She learned everything I need from a companion very quickly. She assimilated into our household and molded herself into our schedules with very little effort.  I have not been able to teach her to "SIT" on command, as she never lowers her back end into a sit. Not once have I seen this happen as a posture, only to scratch her neck then she was standing again.  I attempted only briefly, as it really did not seem necessary to have a dog that would "sit". I guess we'll try life without it for a bit.

Birth notes

   Temperament RAW Scores

largest female - 2nd born. from Lois Schwarz (breeder) 3 days old:
10-9-17:  Light silver sable with black points. girth. no stop. very wolfy looking
an easy pup. thinking, putting together life.
a tad bit standoffish at this young age. Not the boldest pup in the litter.


Puppy notes -

From Jennifer Stoekl 12/10/17  - Toodles is friendly towards dogs and humans, very busy and greatly submissive. Pain sensitive but does well with loud noises and startling stimuli, as to respond with the adequate amount of reflex but recover quickly into curiosity. Territory displacement is reported to be approx. 10 feet.  

9 months

First heat. Weight: 92 lbs. She's a very watchful highly intelligent dog.  She's quiet, does not bark, but whines occasionally in new situations.  Shows avid interest in food but is not obsessed nor does she seek out food sources like the garbage. Leaves the other dog's food and toys alone when directed to do so. Housebreaking is progressing normally.  Socialization is a snap - no strong fears of anything. No refusal to do anything.  Perfect health as far as I can tell, with the exception of moderate digestive sensitivities. Does better with optagest, and canned food. Shows strong sensitivity to peanut butter.

CONFORMATION/TEMPERAMENT SCORES:  from May 26 2018 - Judged by Lois Schwarz

(available upon request - large data file)

2 year record:

Healthy over all. Some environmental skin issues. Flaky, loss of undercoat. Diet does not seem to affect the improvement.  Consistent doggie odor. Low shedding after most of undercoat fell out.   No lesion sores or cysts, just flaky. 

June 2020 - Diagnosed with Pyometria after breeding -  15 to 20 days gestation. High fever for 3 days. Aggressive antibiotic treatment.  Recovered well as of 7/10/20

Weight: 121 lbs          Height: 27" shoulder    Length: (top of mid shoulder to 1st tail vert).  = 30"

October 2020 - Toodles was retied from the Direwolf Project and rehomed where it was found she had hypothyroidism. It is unclear at this time if this condition is congenital or not, regardless we will be watching her offspring closely for any symptoms of development of this condition