Workingman's Dead Litter


Aomoxomoa pup x "Chenowith"

DNA Report- Genetic Pedigree - NAAR Pedigree

GIRTH.   A word with a heavy meaning and a litter that is meant to be heavy.  

The Aomoxomoa litter gives us some tall lithe forms in our lines of breeding dogs, and we want to try and correct that as soon as possible.   For this I need to find a slow plodding animal that carries themselves with their head down. I need a male that weighs more than 150 lbs, has a stellar temperament and carries the possibility of the "C" locus coloration to the coat

(explained here:

Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) 6.25%

3.13% through "Topper"

1.56% Through "Finn

1.56% Through "Swan"

AVK Ancestor Loss

Haplogroup diversity:

Some pups will have brindle, short hair and light eyes in a massive head, much like "Draygo" (above).   Some may have light cream coats with black/grey points and light furnishings on the head only.