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"Silky" Crazy Night

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN600-WAN-6   female

CMDR Registration # - TOF022F025G3

D.O.B -  7/24/22

Birth Notes: 6th born, big female, sac on, head first, my notes say Very White Dog


Sire: W2E Mithril              Dam: CNK Bonnie Lee of TOF

A "Silky"
Photo Journal

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Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

6 week notes plus Score card

4 month notes

Silky may be the best temperemented pup of the bunch. Nothing much bothers her, even when other pups kick her off the "best" teat.  Soft grunts for the dangle, turned into my hand on the scale, calms easily.  She will look very much like Bonnie. Score 7-8       collar color: turquoise   weight 19 oz

What a fun puppy! Loves toys, anything that fits in her mouth goes there and is displayed proudly until another pup takes it from her.  The hardest temp test for her was the restraint, too busy to be bothered by such non-sense.  No desire to solve problems, prefers to observe from a distance.  Likes food, eats with concentration. Easy going and tolerant. GREAT coat.

Score  7-8             dewclaws both rear legs     weight  88 oz.

ENS days 5 through 11 - a breeze through. Little improvement as all coping mechanisms already in place.  Already moving away from the cold towel before I put her back down.

6 weeks has been a tough go for Silky. Little by little she has lost confidence in her surroundings. After being relocated to the barn, she became somewhat suspicious and introverted.  All coping mechanisms have slid down the scale a little bit. We will work hard with Silky to make sure she has all she needs to face the world.

Score  5-6              dewclaws both rear legs     weight  7 lbs/

At four months Silky is the most "Bonnie like" of all the pups temperament wise. Bodily she resembles her dad Mithril almost exactly, not having many feminine virtues.  Stocky and heavy, she uses her weight appropriately with the other pups. Not greedy at food time or otherwise, she takes her time and doesn't push boundaries. Silky likes to sleep, eat repeat. A fondness for people but is not reliant on us for a good time.  This girl will thrive as a Livestock Guardian, will do well in a family pet home with proper invovlvement with the family.

Score  5-6              dewclaws both rear legs     weight  40 lbs/

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