Fennario's  Workingman's

Cumberland Blues - White

Whelped: 6/17/21


Registration #FEN200-WM-2

Birth Notes

Birth order: 2nd born, sac on, head first

Birth weight: 18 oz

wolf sable white toes all four feet


August West x Stella Blue


 A  Cumberland Photo Journal

 Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report -

Cumberland Blues is a drifter and a searcher…looking for that zen spot in life that’s always just out of reach.  He looks for it in low lit places and under the weight of his own uncertainty. He's been poked and prodded more than the other as he is my choice for a professional career in therapy.   His baby scores and temperament evaluations tell me that Cumberland's need for meditative space is right on target. He has "feelings" and I want to foster the entire spectrum of them so he can have the experience as a coping tool. He seeks out human contact for reassurance and receives it calmly; sweetly easing himself into your embrace. In limited doses. He'll have to learn to deal. 


Body and Bone - We refer to Uncle John and Cumberland as "the twins", but this is slowly changing as Cumberland is now smaller than both Uncle J and Direwolf.  He is thinner framed, with a narrower cheek area than the others.  He will very closely resemble his big brother Half-Step, maybe to the point those two will be referred to  as the "Twins". He should range the 100 lb mark by two years of age, and perhaps top out at 110 by four years old.


Eating pooping sleeping - He eats well, being one of the first to "figure it out". He is careful with they dishes and himself, seeming not to want to get himself dirty.  An Auggie son for sure…big guy is a priss around mud puddles. Chews his food daintily over his dish he'd use a napkin if he had thumbs. Cumberland strikes me as the same mannerisms.

Poops well, always at the edge of the box and now in the kennel he doesn't lay in wet spots or step into poop.

Sleeps soundly until he is rustled then he takes a few seconds to settle back into sleep.

TEMPERAMENT TEST SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 Day notes
 A quiet puppy that spends most of his time trying to get under mom. he has a beautiful structure that is square and solid.  His head is going to be large and square with a shorter muzzle of his Malamute heritage.  He sleeps "long" sometimes on his back. Mom (Stella Blue) is active in her nursery, turns around alot, and we have to rescue the pups from her positioning a bunch. This puppy takes a few seconds longer than the others to recover from the upset, and will wail long after the insult has passed.  He had a large white patch on his chest and belly when born that is now entirely filled into sable.  
3 day score: 
3 week notes
Our temperament tests are modelled after Volhard Temp Tests, tweaked a little for their age.  Cumberland scored high for social attraction, coming directly over to me and even following me as I scooted around the test area. For restraint he remained loose, I could almost hear him giggle about it. Dangled well, no struggle but whined some. He looked to see what had ahold of his foot before trying to pull it away. Sound and sight he looked at the object then moved in the opposite direction.   Wagged and did a little play-bow. Once back in the box he stood for a few seconds then reached out to play with the closest sibling. Did not have any interest in being close to mom.
Weight 6.2 lbs

3 week score : 7

6 week temperament test notes