Fennario's  Workingman's

Dire Wolf - Blue

Whelped: 6/17/21


Registration #FEN200-WM-3

Dire Wolf 5 weeks
Birth Notes

Birth order: 3rd born, sac on, head first

Birth weight:  21 oz

wolf sable white toes all four feet


 A  Direwolf Photo Journal

August West x Stella Blue

 Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report - 

Direwolf is handling life and taking the changes instride.  He is still the least noticable puppy, never making much of himself. He likes food and likes people, and when a people has a food he will wag his little tail with delight. DW  takes life lessons for what they're worth, bouncing back from being stepped into or getting in the way of the gates too much.  Like I said, he doesn't make himself known much so he gets knocked into occasionally, but comes back tail a waggin.  At one point he was having some issues with vocality, but thats changed some now that the litter has been moved into the barn.

Body and Bone -  He will be longer coated and perhaps even furnished like his mom Stella Blue.  Just a little beard and eyebrows. He strongly resembles pups from his grandmother's side - Toodles

He will be a broad and tall dog, 100-120 lbs.  His facial markings will be fun to watch, as he is getting clear "goggles" already.

eating,pooping,sleeping - He eats well with purpose, doesn't waste his time. Dire Wolf has a time consuming poop ritual. He is neither constipated nor has diarhea, it just seems to me like it takes one heck of alot of concentration. He might be one of those dogs that has to spin-n-smell for a while before deciding to poop.

He sleeps always on the outside of the pile or by himself. I noted the heat makes him sleepy and he avoids spending time in the sun.


TEMPERAMENT TEST SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 Day notes
Who? Oh yeah! That puppy...
He is always out of the way, and the last one to be noticed.  I heard him cry a couple of times when he needed cleaning or has been knocked out of his position by his mom (Stella Blue).   His weight gain has been steady, with an average body build that I do not feel will get as large as his dad. (August West)
When turned over he pulls his lower half up and tail is between the legs stiff, but the top half of him is relaxed, letting his front legs fall limp.  He will stir when petted, however doesn't react or try to move away from the stimuli.  
He will fall asleep eating, and kinda slide down and tumble away from the rest of the pups that are feeding, never waking up, staying in the position he landed.

3 day score:  9 
3 week notes
Our temperament tests are modelled after Volhard temp. tests, tweaked a little for their age.  Direwolf is the most un assuming puppy, but has proven to get upset and vocalize easily.  Thats the only time I notice him is when he is moved or can't get to mom in time, he cries loudly and can't wind down easily.  But once he does, he stays out of the way and quiet. Social he came right over to me with no hesitation, and lay beside me, probably hiding.  When turned over he stared at me and remained loose, then started crying and rolled easily onto his side. The dangle he groaned and turned his head back.  Toward the end of the test he became vocal.  Touch, sight and sound were all noted and turned in the opposite direction. Found a darker corner and hid his head. This guy will need some extra paw-holding when it comes to navigating life.
Weight: 5.7 lbs.

3 week score :  6-7

6 week temperament test notes