Fennario's  Workingman's

Easy Wind - no collar

Whelped: 6/17/21


Registration #FEN200-WM-5


August West x Stella Blue

Birth Notes

Birth order: 5th born, sac off, breech spine up

Birth weight:  10 oz

wolf sable black toes all four feet

very small (runt) 



 An Easy Photo Journal

 Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report -  If Easy had to write his name he would write it EZ - because thats easiest. There's no challenge or push in this guy. Easy is as EZ does.. He was the first of the litter to find and play with toys.   losing intrest once it got popular.  Returning to play once the fad was over, he'd quietly wrassle the toy by himself.

Eating, pooping and sleeping -  He is usually the first one to find the food at meal time, but he's also the first to leave when it gets crowded. He'll wait until the rest start to break from the buffet before bringing his plate up.  From day one this pup had no issues health wise, not even a runny nose. Eats and sleeps like a professional.

Body and Bone -  This puppy is VERY pretty.  He continues to change and fade or darken with hues of blue around his head and legs.  Short and stocky he will be much heavier than he looks.  Longer than tall, his tail will be carried straight, flowing off his back.  Topping out at four years close to 140 - 150 lbs, his solid frame will carry it well.  


TEMPERAMENT TEST SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 Day notes
 This lil feller is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. He puts off a "Devil may care" vibe that suits me just fine. His color!! This is hard to put int o words...but if you know what to look for...neonatal puppies will almost "flush" like an octopus changing colors. It's nothing a camera can catch, but the animal to animal eyes can see it.  He's gonna be pretty. Easy eats more than he sleeps it seems. He likes to relax when he's done. Accepting and quiet, he lets himself be cleaned and rolled around by his mom (Stella Blue) with soft grunts.
He'll suck on anything you put in front of him, including his littermates.  We have to watch that he doesn't leave any "hickeys" on them.  

3 day score:  7
3 week notes
Our temperament tests are modelled after Volhard Temp test, tweaked a little for their age. Easy was probably the most aloof of all the pups, with a clear attitude that he'd rather be doing something else. Like sleeping. Or eating. But probably sleeping.  For social he came over to me and stayed close, but what he really wanted was a place to curl up and go to sleep. Not interested in investigating, just kinda sat there. He dangled well, after 7 seconds tried to twist out of my grasp.  Touch sensitive he hardly reacted at all - took a lot of pressure before turning to look and see what had ahold of his foot, THEN he pulled away.  He started crying after the turn-over test was done, in which he got very stiff and then tried to squirm away. Not very much eye contact. When placed back in the box, he was almost asleep before he hit the floor.
Weight 4.7 lbs

3 week score : 7-8

6 week temperament test notes