Fennario's  Workingman's

Casey Jones - Yellow

Whelped: 6/17/21


Registration #FEN200-WM-6

workingmans1 dayold
Birth Notes

Birth order: 6th born, sac off, breech spine up

Birth weight:  15 oz

wolf sable black toes all four feet



 A  Photo Journal

August West x Stella Blue


 Dogs of Fennario 5 weeks report -

Eating, pooping and sleeping - 

Body and Bone -

TEMPERAMENT TEST SCORES - 3 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks

3 Day notes
 The last born, several hours after consistent intervals of the other five.  He nursed for the first 24 hours. After that, respitory infection set in. He's seen the veterinarian at 3 days old, very weak and weighing only 14 oz's.  He's determined and insistent. Strong for as sick as he is, he works at getting to mom even though he can't nurse. He is a dark wolf sable, and will have "goggles" when grown. This experience will either make him tougher than ever, or frail and susceptible.  As much as he's being handled he already knows how to get out of your grasp. The experience is going to affect his temperament, my guess is he will be a bit of a chicken, needing intense self confidence exercises.   
This was written at 10 days...

3 day score: N/A - neonatal illness
3 week notes
It's been a tough three weeks for this LITTLE guy as he has not been able to eat on his own this whole time. He is now using a bottle with an extra large nipple. He has good moments and bad moments.   His temperament, is, for all intents and purposes, permanently altered but our keeping him alive. 
He now goes to one corner of the whelping box and cries very loudly to be fed. He hums and "talks" while he's eating, which may make swallowing easier for him.
One of his eyes had an infection and is not opening yet, but the other "good" eye opened at exactly three weeks.   
The other puppies like to pile on him, and he can until he can't breathe enough and he manages to wiggle out from under them.

He takes to our touch very well and doesn't fight anything we try with him.
Weight: 32 oz.'s

3 week score : N/A - neonatal illness

6 week temperament test notes